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  Breakfast Show

When Tony Blackburn launched Radio 1 with the first Breakfast Show in 1967, there was little competition in the breakfast television and no independent radio. The only other choices were the BBC's Radio 2 and 4.


The show is still considered the flagship programme of any radio station, and even today a change of presenter on this programme draws much media attention.


See who you can remember whilst choking over a bowl of cornflakes.....


Sept 1967 - June 1973


Tony Blackburn

Launched the exciting new sound with 'Flowers in the Rain' and of course the famous corny joke.

June 1973 - April 1978

Noel Edmonds

The bearded presenter played pranks on an unsuspecting public

May 1978 - Dec 1980

Dave Lee Travis

The 'Hairy Cornflake' was unafraid to shock on-air.

Jan 1981 - April 1986

Mike Read

Happy to play his guitar on air, Mike banned a record which then went to Number 1.

May 1986 - May 1988

Mike Smith

Popular Smitty quit to spend more time with Sarah Greene.

May 1988 - Aug 1993

Simon Mayo

Introduced a US-style 'Breakfast Crew' format with news pop and sexy backchat..

Sept 1993 - Jan 1994

Mark Goodier

The Top 40 presenter was only briefly up at the crack of dawn.

Jan 1994 - April 1995

Steve Wright

Changes were afoot at Radio 1; enthusiastic presenter Steve suffered enough and quit after just over a year at breakfast.

April 1995 - Jan 1997

Chris Evans

More 'Zoo' but this time with attitude on the Radio, Chris played 'Welcome Home' by Peters and Lee as his first record. But he quit after the BBC refused his request for Fridays off.

Feb 1997 - Oct 1997

Mark Radcliffe and Mark Riley ('Lard')

Northern irony was not appreciated so early in the morning.

Oct 1997 - Sept 1998


Kevin Greening and Zoe Ball

Kevin was popular for his dry wit - Zoe told listeners she was wearing a feather bra and they could 'see her knickers if they wanted' on her first show. Her accounts of clubbing and drinking were frequent.

Sept 1998 - Mar 2000

Zoe Ball

as above, but with sugar on.

March 2000 - Dec 2003

Sara Cox

Zoe's best friend and former model was well supported by the BBC but was moved to teatime from January 2004.

Jan 2004 -

14 September 2012

Chris Moyles

Ex Radio Luxembourg jock Chris became the longest serving R1 breakfast host.

24 September 2012 - date

Nick Grimshaw

The 29-year old increased the number of 15-24 year olds tuning into the show during 2012/13. 

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