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 1960's JINGLES

Hour by Hour...

Wonderful BBC



 1970's JINGLES

The Best Music..

We play it all for you.



 1980's JINGLES

For You and Me..

Britain's Favourite..


 1990's JINGLES

1 Million Watts of

Music Power..





Those catchy






A special selection


Comments (6)

4/5 (4)
Jo Welch (Cardiff) says...
This is such a brilliant and clever website. Well done to you. I love it!
10th April 2017 5:54pm
Mike (London) says...
The jingles are so useful to remember the past in the present day. i remember these jingles from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s. and the roadshow bits and pieces jingle from the '70s, so catchy, genius! i love hearing these jingles again, & i come to this site to relive the past and hear the best radio jingles in the UK of all time. i grew up listening to radio 1, and i don't like the rubbish they play today. radio rewind has all the archived things radio 1 and radio ... Read More
19th February 2017 3:19pm
Jason Robert (Birmingham) says...
Brilliant site Alan. Thanks for creating.
25th August 2016 8:52pm
Heulwen Renshaw (Llangefni) says...
I used to listen to Radio Rewind for hours a few years ago, I need to use the password to get in again. How do I get to where a p/w is required?
3rd June 2016 11:17pm
bob (l.ob) says...
10th January 2016 2:19pm
Anita (London) says...
Thank you for this great memory reminder.
all the pages bring back happy times for me....
12th June 2015 4:33pm
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