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Theme Tunes

Included on this page are a selection of some of the more popular Theme or Signature Tunes

used by BBC Presenters and shows since 1967.

Hear what you can remember!




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Audio BBC


Radio 1 opening & closing theme  Theme One by George Martin  Theme One was also used as a background during programme introductions. It was phased out during the mid 1970's, last used by Alan Freeman during his Saturday Rock Show.

Tony Blackburn's breakfast theme -  Beefeaters by John Dankworth  


Mike Ahern - Buckeye* by Johnny and the Hurricans

*This theme tune was only ever used with Mike's BBC 'trailer'   Liverpool born in 1942 Mike Ahern began his broadcasting career on Radio Caroline in 1965. His innovative and popular morning shows were aired throughout the heyday of Radio Caroline and British Offshore Radio. He moved to Radio 1 for it's 1967 launch and holds the record for the shortest term at the station, just one Top Gear show. He then worked on various Australian stations returning to the UK in 1988. He worked for Essex Radio, Piccadilly Radio and Capital Gold and in 2003 was on new station Norfolk North Radio. He broadcast on Pirate BBC Essex during Easter 2009. Mike sadly passed away in October 2009 aged 67.


'Pick of the Pops' theme 1961 - 1967 Sign of  the Swingin' Cymbal by Brian Fahey 1960 

'Pick of the Pops' theme 1967-1969*Quite Beside the Point by Harry Roberts Sound (1min)

Jingle to denote chart climber  1967 - 1969* from Switched on Bach by Walter Carlos

Jingle possibly to denote chart faller!  origin as above.

* estimated period  of use - do you have more accurate info

'Pick of the Pops' theme 1970 - 1972 Sign of the Swingin' Cymbal by Brass Incorporated

DLT's show theme - A Touch Of Velvet (A Sting Of Brass) by Mood Mosaic

'Midday Spin' Brighton Run (from the film Be My Guest) by the Malcolm Lockyer Orchestra

Jimmy Young Prog - Town Talk by Ken Woodman and his Piccadilly Brass


Pete Brady/Dave Cash/Wogan Afternoon Show  - Breakthrough by Tony Evans and Orchestra  

Stuart Henry Show  Soul Finger by the Bar-Kays

Ed Stewart's Junior Choice  Morningtown Ride by Stan Butcher  (0.5 mins) Stan's band played UK easy listening music with albums Wrappin' it Up, Birds & Brass and Big Band Blow-out.

Johnnie Walker Show Because They're Young by Duane Eddy

Terry Wogan Show  Just Like That by Brass Incorporated

Alan Field wrote to Radio Rewind;  this Terry Wogan theme, Just Like That, is the B-side of the 1970 Pye  single of the revamped At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal!

Rosko's Round Table, up to 1976 Jumpin' Jack Flash

* Annie Nightingale's Sunday Afternoon Request Show - East St. Louis Toodle-oo - Steely Dan.

* Tony Brandon - Fuzz Duck by  Jerry Allen Trio  see also Radio 2 below

* Mike Raven - Soul Serenade by the Mike Cotton Sound (MGM)

* Jimmy Savile (Savile's Travels) The man I love-Ted Heath

* What's New (from March 1969) Apricot Brandy by US band Rhinoceros

* Jimmy Savile's Double Top Ten Show; Doodletown Fifers by Sauter Finegan Band (comp. W Finegan)

Noel Edmonds Breakfast Show The Kid by Andre Brasseur


Johnnie Walker's Tuesday Top 20 (mid 70's) - Time is Tight by Booker T & the MG's

Jimmy Savile's Old Record Club The In Crowd by the Ramsey Lewis Trio

Peter Clayton's  'Sounds of  Jazz' theme was composed by Laurie Johnson. Peter Clayton's Jazz shows were heard on Radio 1 and 2 from 1968 until 1982 when moved to  Radio 3 as 'Jazz Requests' until his death in 1991. Composer Laurie Johnson wrote this lovely theme tune as well as Classic British TV series themes including the Avengers, the Professionals and Jason King.




* Friday Rock Show (Vance) Take it off the Top by Dixie Dregs


* John Peel Show Pickin' the Blues by Grinderswitch


* Rock On (Vance) Belgian Tom's Hat Trick by Whitesnake

















* Andy Peebles Soul  Show In the Stone by Earth Wind and Fire

* Our Tune (Bates) Theme from Romeo & Juliet performed by the Henry Salomon Orchestra.


Top 40 (Browne/Bates)  the excellent Brother by British group CCS  (who also played 'Whole Lotta Love' theme to 'Top of the Pops'

* Tom Browne Top 20 countdown music (1975) Oh My My - David Hentschel, previously Lady Madonna -  Apollo 100

Top 40 1980 (Blackburn) 'Theme from Firepower' by 'Hot Forties'

Top 40 1981 (Blackburn) P.J.O. - Don't Jive Me.

Top 40 (Skinner/Brookes) Top 40_Bed: Rockall by Mezzoforte (1min)

You too could be Bruno! Bruno's name check, 'action radio' Chart that Counts' jingles & Top_40 Bed

Top 40 - (Goodier) late 2001 to Nov 2002 Crash by The Propellerheads


* Alexis Korner  Struttin' byDr. Strut


* Steve Wright Radio 1 Show Main Theme Theatre Land by Dick Walter.

* Steve Wright Radio 1 Show Up to the news with Industrial Report by Graham De Wilde. (KPM)

* Steve Wright Radio 1 Show  Closing Theme 20th Century Revolution by Graham De Wilde. (KPM)

Other Songs Associated with Radio 1 include -

Binky Baker's 'revenge!' (Anne Nightingale's husband Binky  is famous for having poured a port and brandy over Tony Blackburn's head during a Mallory Park fun day).

Toe Knee Black Burn by Binky Baker & the Pit Orchestra (1978) 48kbps (1 min clip)


DLT & Paul Burnett's no.4  spoof UK hit of a CW McCall classic;

Convoy by 'Laurie Lingo & the Dipsticks'




On Radio Rewind;

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ripper (leicester) says...
cool ***** heel site love it..!
23rd September 2017 12:19pm
Geoff hobbs (Doncaster) says...
"Dave D (Fareham) says...
Hi guys, anyone know the name of this countdown tune from TOTP 1983?"

The track was Yellow pearl by Phil Lynott
5th April 2017 10:52pm
Dave D (Fareham) says...
Hi guys, anyone know the name of this countdown tune from TOTP 1983?
4th February 2017 8:49pm
Bob Rendle (Chilterns) says...
Frederic - could it have been this?
30th October 2016 6:11pm
Andrew Ford (Pontyclun) says...
Rip George Martin.Where can I find an Off-air recording of the start of day transmission of Radio One. I would love to hear again Theme One and the continuity announcer, the pips etc. I would like to hear theme one again as broadcast... Help please.
13th March 2016 5:32pm
Frederic (Munich) says...
What I cannot find is the opening jingle of the "Top 20" of BBC in the late Sixties. As a boy I used to listen to BFBS Germany. They took the "Top 20" from BBC. I still can recall the melody, it goes like this: "Dadingdadadadading" or something like it. Do you know what I am talking about? And can you find it somewhere?
9th March 2016 11:16am
patrick paget (croydon) says...
Please will you remove ANY references to Jimmy Saville. I think there is no place for any anything to do with him on any web site. Thanks
17th February 2016 12:25pm
Phil (Exeter) says...
Dropped in for a bit of nostalgia after hearing about the demise of Ed Stewart earlier today. I used to love listening to the Friday Rock show -- I think "Hideaway" by Eric Clapton and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers was also used as the show's theme tune for a while in the 80s ( Thanks for keeping this site going.
9th January 2016 10:14pm
John Dalton (Whitehaven) says...
Slight disagreement about Theme One being phased out during the mid 1970s and last used by Alan Freeman for Saturday Rock Show.

It was later used as the opening theme for Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Rock Show on Friday Nights starting from about 1978 and continuing into the 1980s.

It is a fantastic piece.
29th March 2015 8:37pm
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