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 Bob Harris, Tony Blackburn,  Johnnie Beerling, Noel Edmonds,

 Paul Burnett, Uncle Bulgaria...


From September 1973, Radio 1 organized 'Fun Days' which took place at a UK race meetings during the summer. Additional events were put on, races sponsored, star guests invited. Ticket proceeds went to a registered charity. The action was broadcast live on-air. Publicity Trailers were broadcast on R1 for two weeks beforehand, calling it 'a day out for all the family'. All the Radio One presenters wore T-shirts/anoraks bearing the famous '1' logo.


The first event took place at Brand's Hatch with the D.J.'s driving souped up Ford Escort Mexico's.....


Above - 1974 Poster

 Event programme for later 1974 event


There was a relay race of two teams of D.J.'s, using a plastic gold record as a 'baton'. They drove either a car or a childs' scooter! One team consisted of Noel Edmonds (head driver), Simon Bates, Paul Burnett and Anne Nightingale. The opposing team included Paul Gambaccini and Rosko. The players had to run the final 25 yards to complete the race. Noel Edmonds' team won, since all the team gained time by cramming into one car!


The following year there was another Brands Hatch meeting, where Johnnie Beerling had the idea that Eddie Kidd would drive a motorcycle up two three-foot planks and leap over 12 Radio One D.J.'s. Unfortunately for Tony Blackburn, he lost a draw so was placed furthest away from the ramp!




The presenters took part with the knowledge that 2 weeks previously, a stunt motor-cyclist had been killed whilst attempting to clear a line of double decker buses. The D.J. jump was a success of course, with every national newspaper carrying the picture the following day.  Races were also held at Thruxton, Ingliston in Scotland and...





.....May 18th 1975 - 'Fun Day' at Mallory Park with Guests

The Bay City Rollers and Three Degrees


This was the largest attended Fun Day event with a crowd of 47,000 and was very much over-subscribed! In fact by 12 o'clock, Paul Burnett was broadcasting appeals for the public to stay away!


In the middle of the race track Mallory Park near Leicester there is a lake. In the centre of this lake there is a small island (accessed by a wooden bridge) which is used as a marshalling point and for observation.


On this Fun Day, a hospitality marquee and tower (housing live Radio 1 announcer David Hamilton from 3pm) had been erected. A 'tartan army' of thousands of Bay City Roller fans had turned up for the event. The D.J.'s were driven around the track, waving to the crowd, accompanied by a 'Womble'!


The Three Degrees were airlifted to the island by helicopter, then the Rollers, with only just enough space to land due to too many fans on the island. When the thousands of fans across the water saw the Bay City Rollers being dropped off, they all screamed with delight. However, they didn't stay put and instead ran across the race track (where a race was going on) and started jumping into the lake in an attempt to get closer to their idols!


Crowd control it ain't

I've got a live one

Bye Bye Baby


The police began to get hold of these girls and threw them back on to the bank. The Bay City Rollers had been scheduled to drive around the track as a 'lap of honour' however, this had to be abandoned due to the risk of their personal safety. The helicopter was unable to land on the island to retrieve the Rollers due to lack of ground space, who were then put into a small boat on the lake.....the problem then was that fans were wading over to them, pulling the side of the boat! They were then moved back to the island  (see photograph above) and into the tower. It was some time later before the helicopter could land and the BC Rollers could finally escape the madding crowd, and didn't perform at all.




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Audio BBC



Fun Day - Live from Mallory Park, May 1975 

Mallory Park is now Closed !

DJs by helicopter, and Showaddywaddy

Injuries next to Radio 1 caravan

Tony is gives speedboat rides

Positions from Brian Jones of Racing School

First lap commentary

Cozy Powell wins

Interview with Bay City Rollers

Amazing swimming Scenes!

Noddy Holder is worried

Rollers marooned plus excited Annie Nightingale

Congrats to Cozy.. plus thanks to the Police!

NEW Full show


Fun Day - Live from Brands Hatch,  August Bank Holiday 1977

Rosko welcomes You to Brands Hatch

Kid Jensen complains about Simon Bates

Noel Edmonds Expected to Win!

Emperor Rosko Jingle

Doing it to You - All Afternoon

Radio 1 Brings the Stars to You

Chat with David Essex (4 mins)


NEW Trail for Mallory Park Fun Day 1977





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Andy walton (Leicester) says...
Just been remenicing about radio 1 at Maliory park in 1975 ,I was 21 and can recall how long the queues on all the roads leading to Mallory,people just abandoned their cars ,motorbikes and scooters in the lanes and walked the final mile or two ,another vivid memory was a helicopter ride with Noel Edmunds up above Malory and then back I can't remember how much it cost but the memory is priceless
21st December 2014 8:48pm
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