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Dave Lee Travis 


2012 Arrest


In 2012 Dave Lee Travis was arrested by Metropolitan police detectives investigating allegations of historical sexual offences. Following his arrest, Bauer Media, the owners of the Northern England radio station Magic AM suspended Dave Lee Travis' weekly show stating "we believe it would be inappropriate for him to broadcast until (the allegations) are resolved." The disc jockey said his arrest on suspicion of sexual offences was "nothing to do with kids" and denied any wrongdoing. He was "sad and disappointed" by the decision to take him off the air.


2013 Trial


In 2013 Dave Lee Travis was charged with 14 historical sexual offences, police said. Mr Travis said he was "disappointed and surprised" to be charged and denied the allegations. In February 2014, Travis was found not guilty on twelve counts, and the jury failed to reach a verdict on the remaining two counts. However in March 2014, it was reported that he would be facing another charge of indecent assault as well as the retrial on the two outstanding counts. In April, it was reported that he was facing another charge of indecent assault from 1995. He denied the charges.


2014 Trial and Verdict


At his September trial at Southwark Crown Court the jury convicted him of indecently assaulting a researcher working on TV's Mrs Merton Show in 1995. He was also found not guilty of a charge from 1990 whereas the jury where unable to decide on a third 2008 charge. Travis was sentenced to three months in prison, suspended for two years. Immediately Following the verdict, Travis said I am mortified and disappointed that I was convicted of one count, and its of little comfort to me that I was acquitted of so many others. He added that he had the support of his family, and that they "all know the truth".





1978 wearing 247 cap


1975 Radio 1 Production

Saloon Car Championship


DLT (centre) with Bob Harris (L)

and Nicky Campbell (R) Circa 1990


Snooker on the radio


Early Days

Born in Buxton, Derbyshire in 1945 as David Griffin, Dave began his working career as a designer of shop interiors, photographer and club DJ in the Manchester area. In 1964 he toured America with Herman's Hermits and joined Radio Caroline South on his return to England. He hosted his own show there for two and a half years until the ship was blown aground in early 1965.

Radio 1

Following TV work on Germany's 'Beat Club' pop programme, in late 1967 Dave joined the BBC to host the Thursday lunchtime show 'Pop North' shortly after the launch of Radio 1. He presented the weekday lunchtime show (early 70's), teatime show 'It's DLT OK!' (from 1975) breakfast show (May 1978 to Dec 1980) and the weekend mid-morning show (83-93). He invented the unusual but highly popular feature 'snooker on the radio' on his weekend show. 


Occasionally known for expressing his viewpoint on the air, Dave was almost taken off the air on one occasion when he expressed concerns live on air over seal clubbing, encouraging listeners to complete a protest form in the daily newspaper.

(Above) Dave drag-racing at Santa Pod during the 1970's.

He published a book in the 1980's of celebrity photographs, called 'A Bit of a Star'. DLT's interests include photography and classic cars.

Dave's light hearted and relaxed presentation style brought him a loyal Radio 1 audience for over 25 years.

Leaving BBC

Dave became unhappy with new policy changes at Radio 1 and he famously resigned on air in August 1993, (he was due to leave in ten weeks' time when his contract expired). He offered his services to Radio 2 Management who declined. However, he continued to present 'A Jolly Good Show' on the BBC World service until 2001. His weekend morning slot was replaced with Danny Baker.

It is interesting to note that the audience figures for the Saturday morning show formerly hosted by Dave fell from by 700,000 in less than a year. Dave was heard on local 'Classic Gold' radio stations in the UK until 9th Mar 2002.

Dave currently lives with his wife in Buckinghamshire.

Since March 9th 2003 Dave Lee Travis has presented a Sunday morning 9-12 am show for BBC Three Counties Radio (DLT's own local BBC station).

Spanish Radio

It was announced in March 2005 that Spain's largest English language station - Spectrum FM, signed  DLT for the  Saturday morning 9am - 12pm show. Ed Stewart also presented the weekday afternoon show on the station at the time.

Magic AM

He joined Newcastle's Magic AM 1152 in the UK during July 2006 to present a Saturday Morning Show 10am - 1pm.

2012 Arrest


In 2012 Dave Lee Travis was arrested by Metropolitan police detectives investigating allegations of historical sexual offences.





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Audio c BBC


DLT Ident by Keith Skues 1969

Blue Mink Live 1969  

Play an Old Timer Trail 1969

Tired due to moon landing (1969) 


The following clips are taken from a Dave Lee Travis mid- morning show  4th October 1970


Start of Show - Fast Moving Radio  (1.5 mins)


Remembers Miming on TOTP (1.5 mins)


Introducing Julie Felix (0.5 mins)


Complaint from a Listener in Cardiff  (2.5 mins)



Big Load of... 1970

'Alien Idiot' Trail 1970



Dave's lunchtime show

Dave Introduces Johnnie Walker 1970

Last Manchester Club show  1971

5 Year celebration

Rave from the Grave

Jimmy Young hands over to Dave 1972   

Handover to Johnny Walker 1972

Farewell to Jimmy Young plus DLT last daily show - June 1st 1973

Wrong Record 1975

With Smiley in_Torquay 1976

DLT & Paul Burnett's 1976 spoof UK hit of CW McCall track;

Convoy by 'Laurie Lingo & the Dipsticks' (Mp3, 1 min. clip)

At a Brewery with Edwin 1977 

Elton John 1977

Breakfast Show Jingle 1979


The following clips are taken from a Dave Lee Travis breakfast show  23.11.78, the first day of the 275/285m wavelength.


The 7AM pips, News, DLT & Jock Swon (7mins)

New Wave Band was performed by Showaddywaddy and Radio 1 DJ's under the guise of "Jock Swon & The Metres".

Andy Peebles is live from Glasgow (3 mins)

A Brand New Look (0.5 mins)

Trail - Jaws II Competition

First Caller and Winner on 275/285 - Janet Smith (4 mins)

Explaining overlapping wavelengths (1.5 mins)

Dedications (3 mins)

End of the first hour - the 8AM pips



Dave speaks to a tired Mike Read in 1980

DLT plays the top 5 in September 1982

DLT says 'Don't Have One for the Road'

Tune into stereo

Snooker on the radio

Treble Top Jingle

Near the Bullseye effect

Dave_Lee_Travis name Jingle 1987

DLT's birthday & hospital prize '89 (1 min)

DLT's age revealed! (inc.P Schofield) '89 (3mins)

Dave unable to stop laughing when contestant says 'baton'

'Quack-Quack-Oops!' Sound Effect

90's Jingles 

Intro from Bruno & Liz 1990    

Winding up Neale James 1991

Dave resigns on-air 08.08.93


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Anthony (Accrington Lancs) says...
DLT made Radio 1 great,because he was always caring to callers on air, he'd always have a laugh with them and treat them nicely too, and he'd play some superb music as well. I can see exactly why he resigned on-air verbally and took off : there were people at Radio 1 getting absolutely trampled on and treated like utter dirt by management and bosses at the BBC which was cruel in the extreme and most unfair to those hard working staff who kept the station together and running smoothly ... Read More
20th November 2017 8:29pm
Brian Gerrey (Southampton) says...
One of the VERY BEST DJ that Radio One ever had, a True Credit to the station, just like Simon Bates, Mike Reid, Bruno Brooks & Johnnie Walker
30th September 2017 7:18pm
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