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« Rewind  to an era of 275, 285, Smiley Miley, Blackburn and Brookes


Blackburn to Wright; the personalities who gave the station it's unique sound.

Selected Shows..


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including the Roadshow,

Top 40 and Breakfast.

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..the Happy, Happy Sound.. those ditties

 from Dallas aren't

easily forgotten.


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Comments (22)

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Glenn Aylett (Whitehaven) says...
I attended a rain soaked Roadshow in 1985 in Seaton Carew. Managed to get backstage after I wrote to Radio 1 and met Mark Page and Peter Powell. Mark now works in forces radio, but at the time was the most successful DJ from the North East, hosting early morning shows on Radio 1 and doing a pop feature for Tyne Tees.
27th January 2018 11:40am
Jo (Cardiff) says...
So grateful for this site being in operation. full of wonderful visual and audio trips down memory lane. thank you so much
2nd December 2017 3:48pm
Adrian Booth (Long Eaton) says...
So glad the BBC are recognising the 247 and 275/285 days with Radio 1 Vintage. Tony did an outstanding job this morning and Adrian Juste's show was fantastic. Must admit, I had a little tear at 7am this morning remembering all the good times (I was 5 in '67). Looking forward to the Alan Freeman hour on Monday. Well done BBC.
30th September 2017 2:24pm
Tom (Middlesbrough) says...
30-9-67,I were at work at 6 am.I had taken a small transistor radio with me.Sneaked off for a break at 7 am to hear start of Radio One.Stayed with it for 30 years.HAPPY BIRTHDAY
29th September 2017 3:38pm
Mark Occomore (Crawley West Sussex) says...
For 3 Days from 30th September Radio 1 will open up a pop up station in memory of 50 years of the BBC station. There will be memories with hour long shows from Britains favourite DJs, and Tony Blackburn who was the first DJ heard on the station will open. Flowers in the rain was the first song heard.
12th September 2017 8:55pm
david spencer (sunderland) says...
wow .. ages i heard these jingles .. takes me back as a kid
16th March 2017 4:37am
Mike (London) says...
i love this site! it puts colour to my world, bringing memories from the past. i love it!
19th February 2017 3:03pm
David Tillett (Ipswich) says...
Great site loved it so many great tunes,was there ever a tv teme mix done by lenny Henry ?and his Gronk story lines
11th February 2017 8:01pm
Neville Martin (Sheffield) says...
Stumbled on this forum by chance and it brought back distant memories. I joined the Rosko Rangers in 1967 and was duly sent a 'Boogaloo Bag' - a brown paper bag printed with a Rosko-penned poem which began "Keep cool and clean on this here scene..."

I wish I'd kept it - probably fetch a fortune now on e-bay!
20th December 2016 2:07pm
Julian (Blackpool) says...
Fantastic site... with so much information.

I've been collecting Radio 1 memorabilia for many years and have built up an impressive collection.

I'm currently selling one or two items on eBay at the moment and one which may be of interest is a genuine Radio 1 Roadshow Bomber Jacket.

These are very rare and it took me years to find this one.

If any reader is interested, Just search on eBay "Radio 1 Bomber Jacket".

15th December 2016 11:53am
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