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1980's Jingles

The 1980's was the decade of The Falklands War, BmX's, Sinclair C5, Live Aid, Chernobyl, Margaret Thatcher. The Berlin Wall was crumbling and an end to the Cold War. Films included Ghandi, Crocodile Dundee and Indiana Jones. On the TV we watched Spitting IMage, ThoMas the Tank Engine, Bergerac and the Launch of Eastenders.  In the charts we heard Adam and the Ants, Level 42, the HuMan League, Boy George, Wham, Black Box, and Madonna....


....but (far more importantly), what jingles could be heard on Radio 1




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1976 - 1995 jingles Jam Creative Productions of Dallas, Texas






1980's selection

Click 1980's logo for a selection of jingles from the period.


Jingle selection 1980 (500k - 24kbps)

Includes 'Simon Bates Golden Hour', 'Radio 1 Remembers', 'Rock on Radio 1', 'Stereo', 'The Breakfast Show', 'Best music', 'Rock With Us Tonight', 'Good morning', Radio 1, Britain's Favourite music', '275 285 music', 'R1', 'The best music', 'Dance Dance to the music,' 'Good Afternoon,' 'The Happy Happy Sound,' '275 285 & Stereo VHF,' 'Its R1' 'Radio 1 is Fun; its the station thats alive.....the happy sound of National Radio 1'

(2.5 minutes)



Jingle selection 1982 (500k - 24kbps)

Includes 'The Big One,' 'You'll Always Hear a Better Song,' 'The Sound of Springtime,' '275 285,' 'No. 1 for music', 'Good morning,' 'Stereo music.. Where You'll Always Hear a Better Sound','Where You'll Always Hear a Better Song,' 'The Sound of Summer,' 'Get Down C'mon.. Good Afternoon'' 'You'll Always Hear a Better Song,' 'The music Leader- The Happy Sound', 'The Rhythm Britain, 'Rockin' with my radio on 275 & 285', 'The Big One,' '275 & 285' (moog), 'National Radio', 'The new Top 40', 'All the music you'll ever need' '275 & 285', 'music Now', 'Good Evening', 'The Early Show'.

(3 minutes)



Bruno Brookes  Top 40 Show;

Chart Introduction 1986. Excellent Quality (without Bruno!) The 64kbps version is in stereo. Includes 'Action Radio' and Number 40 jingle.

32k      64k

The whole of this Major event was broadcast on Radio 1 in 1985.





The News48kbps
'Summer Radio on the Tony Blackburn Show' Jingle

 - a version for each D.J was Made.

 Jingle selection 1987 (200k - 32kbps)

'For You and me...Britains Favourite', 'Are You Tuned to FM...for All Your Favourite music ', Johnnie Walker..Stereo Sequence', 'Stereo FM Britains Favourite', 'Happy 20th Birthday', 'much more music', 'American Chart Countdown'.



Random 1980's selection stereo 64kbps

(Note; 5 minutes long 2.5mb 64kb or 1.3mb 32kb medium Quality)


'International', 'Britain's Favourite (James Brown Version)', 'The Best Sounds', 'Roadshow', 'Across the UK Britains Favourite' (with Bed), 'Radio One more Time', 'Simon Bates The Golden Hour', Rock Radio, FM Stereo The UK's Favourite, The..Chart That Counts, Across the UK (with moog), Hit after Hit, Action Radio, '1...1...1...The UK's Favourite D.J.'s', '1Fm', 'Ask for a Song.. The Best Sound (Fast, Male singers)', 'England, Scotland, Ireland Wales..The United Kingdom.. National Radio 1'  'Send a Request We Can Play on the Air..from Cardiff, Belfast, to Glasgow Square..The Best Sound in Britain (FeMale Singer)', '24 Hours a Day 1Fm', 'The Roadshow on the Road Again', 'Bruno Brookes at 5.45', 'The Day to Day Challenge.. with Gary Davies.. Day One'. 'Night Time Radio with Janice Long', 'The Official Top Stereo FM.. Britains Favourite', 'BBC Radio 1 FM', 'Radio 1 in the morning.. ', 'A.a.a.across the UK for You and me.. Britain's Favourite', 'R1 FM..You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet', 'Phillip Schofield', 'Action Radio', 'Great Britain's Top 40', ''The..The Chart that Counts', 'There's Only 1 FM', 'Weather' (with Bed), 'There's only 1 FM', 'Robbie Vincent Attacking Your Rhythm Buds', 'Scott on Sunday', 'The Weekend Breakfast Show with Liz and Mark', 'Phillip Schofield Going Live', 'Radio 1Fm...Like You've Never Heard it Before'.

(5.5 minutes)

32kbps  (Am Quality)

Simon Bates Describing the October 1987 Jingle Package (4.5 minutes)20Kbps (Am Quality)
 Excellent recording of Jingles played at the start of the day - 1989 (mp332kbps) prior to Adrian John show. 



NEW Another set of jingles played at the start of the day - prior to the early breakfast show; includes; Across the UK, Rise & Shine, Bed - another one bites the dust for You an me, much more music, Western style Bed, Radio 1, With All Your Favourite music, Slow Funk Bed, Britain's Favourite music, Funky Synth Guitar Bed, Britains Favourite, Jazz Funk bed,  Radio 1, Britain's Favourite, more music, Britain's Favourite, Radio 1...more music, across the UK.  32kbps
Beep - Beep - Yeah! As used throughout the 1970's, 1980's and early part of the 1990's, this jingle was inspired by a Beatles song (500k)32kbps

Early 1980's Jingle (34k)

 Interesting jingle set from 1985 for the 'Live Aid' concert broadcast on BBC 1 and Radio 1. Includes 2 alternative mixes of the same jingle. Produced by Jam company. 




Late 1980's Jingle Radio 1 - FM

 ...and the other way around! (rare)64kbps

The Only Chart That Counts


When Radio 1 had to share FM


As used on a Sunday Afternoon;

275, 285 & stereo VHF!

Jingle from the 1980's (when Radio 1 was Britain's favourite radio).56kbps.mp3
As used on the Tuesday chart rundown with Paul Burnett and on the Sunday Chart.56kbps.mp3
Very fast jingle56kbps.mp3
David Jensen Trailer song (1982)32kbps
much better version.56kbps.mp3
This one wakes you up! (from the Tommy Vance friday rock show)56kbps.mp3
'The Best Sound in Britain-Radio One!'56kbps.mp3
Tony thanking listeners for Award 1981 (includes 'Good Afternoon' jingle.48kbps .mp3
Possibly Made to have a 'dig' at the competition (new commercial Sunday chart on ILR with David 'Kid' Jensen)56kbps.mp3
A dated sound considering its from as late as 198356kbps.mp3
1053 108964kbps
Radio 1 ...FM! (fast version)64kbps   32kbps
 Excellent 1984 Jingle 'Send a request we can play on the air,  from Cardiff, Belfast or Glasgow Square..The Best Sound in Britain'....56kbps  32kbpswma

 Radio 1 ...FM! (slower version)

 3 FM Jingles together32kbps
No Commercials means more music! (Spoken)32kbps
  Britain's Favourite & Stereo FM32kbps

Britains Favourite DJ's!

(Tommy Vance)

NEW! Seasonal Jingle


Closing down the station for the night (1988*)*I think!48kbps


Radio 1 have listed every jingle package they have received (see below)


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