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1990's Jingles

The 1990's saw the decade of the Gulf War, Nigel Mansell's F1 Championship, Tiger Woods, Nick Leeson bankrupting Berings bank, Tony Blair, Mad Cow Disease, Dolly the Sheep, Monica Lewinski, Channel 5, Gm Crops, tragedy of Diana Princess of Wales, the National Lottery and the millennium Bug scare. Films included Jurassic Park, 4 Weddings and a Funeral and Titanic.  In the charts were Vanilla Ice, Mr. Blobby, D Ream, East 17 and Oasis......

............but (far more importantly), what jingles were being played Radio 1




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1976 - 1995 jingles Jam Creative Productions of Dallas, Texas

1996 jingles WDTM/HUM music

1997-1998 jingles Sound Design


1990's jingles selection! 

Click 1990's logo for a selection of jingles from the period.



Europe's Biggest Radio32kbps
1Fm News (spoken)24Kbps
No Commercials means more music! (Spoken)32kbps

Jingle Selection 1 -1990's (Accapella singing)

2 minutes, 350k mP3


Includes; 'music Radio for the 90's', 'Radio 1', 'BBC R1, 'National Radio 1', 'music Radio', 'Across the UK', 'The Station for the Nation', 'Back to Back music', 'Back to Back music' (slow version), 'Radio 1 FM (3 versions)', 'The Nation's music Leader', '97 to 99Fm', '1 million Watts of music Power'.

24kbps (Low Quality)

64kbps (medium Quality

NEW Set of Jingles played before early breakfast 1990/91 - includes; Europe's Number 1, the Station of the Nation, Across the UK, music Radio for the 90's, Techno Beat Bed, music Radio (fast) music Radio 1Fm (slow) , Guitar Bed, Golden Hour, Radio 1 FM Mad Synth Bed, Radio 1 FM (x2) , Sailing (Christopher Cross) bed, National Radio 1, Radio 1 FM, 'Footloose' (Kenny Loggins) Bed.32kbps  (Low Quality)

Jingle Selection 2- 1990's (Humorous Speech)

4 minutes,  750k mP3


'If you heard this Sound 97-99Fm' (Elderly Male speech with sfx), 'During Desert Always Blow your Nose' 97-99Fm), Radio 1 .. more New music,' 'We Could Tell You How we Do it But then We'd Have to Kill You,' '97-99Fm (with Ruler Noise),' 'RRRRAdio 1!', 'What's All That Noise ... Today the Weather Very Hot', 'Don't Adjust Your Set.. You'll Go Blind 97-99Fm,' 'Radio 1 The UK's New music.' 'more Live music,' 'Listen to All This music in The Air' (with Bee), 97-99Fm Radio 1 (Elderly Lady), Radio 1 F..M.. its Radio1 (with Opera Singer), 'The Pleasure is mine 97-99Fm', 'May I Suggest...The UK's New music First 97-99Fm', 'its Your Duty to memorise..97-99Fm (I don't Believe)' 'There Are Such Stuff as Dreams 97 to 99Fm Radio 1 (Noise) Excuse me'.


24kbps (Low Quality)

64kbps (medium Quality)

Music Radio...for the 90's!!! mP3


64kbps  (medium Quality)


 Mark Goodier Selection Excellent Quality


32kbps (Good Quality mono)

64kbps (Excellent Quality Stereo)


National Radio 1....


64kbps  (High Quality)



90's News


 Trailer for 1992 weekend 1Fm shows


32kbps  (Good Quality mono)

64kbps (Excellent Quality Stereo)


97 to 99 FM Radio 1!!! (HQ Stereo)


64kbps  (High Quality)



NEW Mikey from the Pit with Jingle Info (1992)



Radio 1 FM


Winner Ron Keates gets his own Radio 1 Jingle (1992)







1 million Watts of music Power (HQ Stereo)


64kbps  (High Quality)




 Great Radio..Radio 97-99Fm (1996)



32kbps (Good Quality mono)

64kbps  (High Quality)



NEW Jam Productions and Johnny review the history of Radio 1 Jingles - 1994 (5 mins)


 97- 99 FM Radio 1 Newsbeat (1996)


32kbps (Good Quality mono)

64kbps (High Quality)



Radio 1 have listed every jingle package they have received (see below)


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Martyn Heaney (Newcastle Under Lyme) says...
Recognise the fantastic voice of John B Wells on some of the spoken jingles at the top of the page. He recorded some for me when I had my own Roadshow. Great memories!
20th February 2017 3:09pm
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