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  Adrian Juste


Adrian in the 1980's.


Publicity shot 1985;

'thrown out' of Egton House by Commissionaire Tom.



Adrian Juste in 1984 - Click for more

1985 - sporting a beard

Former motor mechanic and show salesman, Adrian Juste started as a radio DJ with Leicester's local BBC station in 1969 and spent six years there as disc jockey and producer, interrupted by a two year spell at Birmingham's local  BRMB station as their breakfast presenter. He began working for Radio 1 as far back as 1977 as the anonymous voice on countless trails and was given his first show on a Saturday morning in April 1978.

Adrian's shows are well remembered for his distinctive lively style of presentation where he included audio comedy clips between records, Many Made by Adrian himself. His clips included 'The Grimleys', 'Fawlty Towers', Carry On', and 'Tony Hancock' dispersed with pop music of the day. His shows were normally scheduled at weekend lunchtimes. He was inspired by former Light Programme/Radio One presenter Jack Jackson (1906-1978). He was a popular presenter both on the radio and at club venues during the 1980's and 1990's. He recorded the voiceover for the new Radio 1 FM transmitter tests broadcast from 1988.

Adrian was sadly sacked from the station he loved in 1994 by Matthew Bannister, after 17 years. Adrian said that Matthew had instructed one of his reports to inform him of the decision by telephone one evening at Egton House.

He has since made appearances on Radio Carousel and Jewel FM and more recently was heard broadcasting live from Belfast on new years eve, 2001, along with Mike Read, Richard Skinner and DLT!

Adrian currently works in advertising and is a writer. You can see Adrian's view on the 1990's changes at Radio 1 by clicking here.



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AudioC BBC

Adrian at BRMB in Nov 1975 (32kbps)

Adrian's show in 1978 (64kbps) 32kbps version

Funday 1978 Wilton House

Show Clip 1978 with not enough Ding Dong

Adrian introduces The Village People 1979  mP3 (includes name jingle)

A sketch from Adrian's show 1979 mP3

'Reminder' to Buy a TV Licence  (mp332kbps)

News in "Welsh"! 1983 (1 min)

23.09.84 - following Tony Blackburn's last show.

Adrian takes a humorous look at Tony's' career

NEW TV a Baird Invention 


The following four mp3 clips are taken from a three -hour Adrian Juste party show "which spanned two years" and started New Years Eve 1984. (64kbps)

midnight Chimes

What's in Store

Sex Shop

Doctor's Surgery

Trail for Saturday show 1985

Introducing Gary Byrd 1985

Outside Broadcast 16.06.89 (1.5 mins)

NEW Cut the Crackle trail 1991

Adrian Juste Saturday Show in 1992 (mp3file)

Comedy weather trailer for Saturday show 1992 mP3



Comments (6)

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Anthony (Accrington) says...
I would give Adrian a slot on R2 from 1-3 on the FM frequencies
19th October 2017 1:37pm
Christopher Westlake (Bridgwater Somerset) says...
Having hear Jack Jackson, Adrian managed to provide an updated version on Saturday mornings in 1978 and then at lunchtime on VHF later that year. He always had an amusing handover to Paul Gambaccini after his show. It's a great loss that Radio 2 could not have given him a programme after his exit from Radio 1.
8th December 2016 9:26pm
Anthony (Accrington Lancashire) says...
This programme brought a breath of fresh air to mundane radio, saturday afternoon shop culture and boring sports coverage with funny skits, amusing voiceovers, and a good selection of music to boot. I listened in stereo on Radio 2's FM frequencies from 1'o'clock which was much better than the compressed horrible sounding 1053/1089 plaform, and it was a joy to hear the 'Juste in full blown stereo as well.
28th June 2015 9:06am
Jason (Swansea) says...
I used to work on Saturdays and I recorded Adrian's lunch time show to listen to later in the evening. No matter how bad a day I had at work, it was something to look forward to at the end of the day. They were a great mix of sketches, jokes and music. I had some recordings for a while, but they became unplayable and I miss them.I would love to hear the shows again. A sad loss to Radio.
9th June 2015 10:50am
Clive Price (Birmingham) says...
I Agree. I wish you could buy some of his Radio 1 shows on CD. I've got a couple of tapes but they're getting a bit well worn now.
6th November 2014 6:17pm
Terry Sewell (Birmingham) says...
What a waste, his was probably one of the best shows on Radio. It was enjoyable on a different level. Whereas the other presenters tried to be interesting and funny, Adrian's show actually was entertaining and very funny with music thrown in.
2nd September 2014 2:40pm
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