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  Jack Jackson 



Born in Horsley, Derbyshire, in 1906, Jack Jackson was affectionately known as the 'daddy of all disc jockeys' during his brief spell (9 months) on Radio 1.


He was formerly a dance band leader, playing regularly at London's Dorchester Hotel with his band which was formed in 1933. he was a very famous trumpeter in the UK during the 1940's.


Jack became a disc jockey in 1948 on the BBC Light Programme; Record Round Up, and later spells on Housewives' Choice.


Record Roundabout (formerly broadcast on BBC Light ) was broadcast on both Radio 1 & 2 from the launch in 1967 until June 1968. His shows included recorded comedy clips and music of the day.

Jack moved to Tenerife in 1960, where he had installed a radio studio in his house, to record his BBC radio shows but he moved back to the UK in 1973 as the climate contributed to health problems.

He broadcast on Radio 2  from 1971 to 1977, but sadly passed away in 1978.

Jackson's lightning cutting between comedy extracts and music in 'Record Roundabout' has been described as an inspiration to succeeding generations of disc jockeys who have used advanced production techniques to 'mix' music, speech and sound.  



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Duncan L (Dunedin) says...
Jack Jackson is remembered in this Clare Teal show 2017 October 29th - about 22 and 1/2 minutes in.
30th October 2017 5:55am
Robin Rushton (Milton Keynes) says...
THE master of personality radio something that sadly doesn't exist now.He(and later Kenny Everett)were highly entertaining not just playing records and saying this is... and that was...but great "inbetween bits".Adrian Juste came along and tried to copy Jackson but to no avail.Jackson would be 111 now i think!
25th January 2017 2:54pm
Eric Paddock (Wimborne Dorset) says...
My first introduction to pop music was listening to Jack Jackson on Radio Luxembourg on a Sunday night at 7pm. A chance to hear some of the records from the US as well as the UK.
10th December 2016 3:06pm
john bassett (Byron Bay NSW) says...
We would always listen to Jack Jackson I think about lunch time on a Saturday.
It was a highlight, he got the comic spots and the music just right:)
10th March 2016 12:00pm
John McCarthy (Kiama) says...
I am now in my eighties and remember listening to Jack Jackson's Record Round Up in what must have been 1949 in London. I have often thought of the programme since and the pleasure it brought to a working class kid in that dim cold English winter. Since then I have listened to his band. Wonderful arrangements.
16th January 2016 9:43pm
philip grainger (phoenix. az.) says...
Brother Dave and I would hurry home from the pub on Saturdays in the late 40's. Quick into our beds, turn out the light and listen to Jack Jackson. Just about the only source for Jazz in the U.K. then.
20th June 2015 8:00pm
Dave J (London) says...
For me as a teenager in the 60's his shows were always fascinating and worth a listen for the innovative cutting of comments from comedy shows inserted with the music or even as dialogues, Hancock,Steptoe and Kenneth Williams were regular interlopers.
27th May 2015 12:20pm
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