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  Egton House  


Situated in Langham Street behind Broadcasting House in London's West End, Egton House was purchased by the BBC at the height of the second world war and was used as BBC HQ after the bombing of Broadcasting House in 1940.

Named after a small village in North Yorkshire, it was the home of Radio 1 'Gramophone Department'  production, and later housed the continuity studios used by the Disc Jockeys on floors 3 & 4.

The vast BBC record collection was stored on the ground and first floors. In 1992 it contained over a million records. It was linked to BH via a subway beneath the street. New studios were opened at Egton in 1985 with the latest available technology. This investment avoided the DJ's having to share facilities with other programme makers.

Radio 1 vacated Egton House in 1996, moving  a couple of streets away to an imposing 1930's building; Yalding House, 152-156 Great Portland Street.

Egton House was classed as an 'eyesore' and was demolished in January 2003. Broadcasting House is to be re-vamped to house all BBC Radio offices by 2008. The building will include a new 'Egton Wing.'

Egton House in 1977

Yalding House;

152/6 Gt. Portland Street London W1N 4AJ

Technical plan to disconnect Egton House

audio feed to transmitters (1996)


September 1992 - Egton can be seen on the

right of Broadcasting House.


May 2003 - Egton House now completely removed,

in preparation of  refurbishment of the front of

Broadcasting House (left). The steps of

All-Saints Church can be seen on the right.


June 2006 - the Broadcasting House facelift and

new Egton Wing is complete.

Connecting Yalding House audio (1996)




Please check 'Audio Help Page' in case of difficulty downloading.

Audio BBC


NEW Take a tour of Egton House in 1992 with Steve Wright as your guide.

Reception - Claire Marvin

Audio Workshop - Mikey Walmons

Breakfast Show Studio - Simon Mayo & Crew

Record Library - David Carr

Production Office RPA's

Senior Producer Office-Paul Williams & Mik Wilkojc

Outside with  Record Pluggers

In BH we find the Playlist Committee Office

Also on BH Phil Lawton with Archives

Tommy Vance plays some archive material

Jeff Simpson Press Officer

John Peel chats about Egton

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Looks like something Rommel designed for Omaha Beach, made of reclaimed nylon.
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