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Timeline - 1975






Economies had to be Made at the BBC due to financial problems;

David Hamilton the 'housewife's favourite' was now heard on both Radio 1 and Radio 2.


Presenters laid off were Tony Brandon (Radio2) Stuart Henry, Alan Black, David Simmons and Bob Harris. Stuart and Bob went on to Radio Luxembourg, Alan continued to introduce 'In Concert' and David Simmons went to BBC Radio London.


'Sounds of the Seventies' and the late night 'progressive' music slot were dropped.


Newsbeat moved to 5Pm followed by John Peel Mondays and Thursdays, Alan Freeman with 'Youth Club Call' on Tuesdays and 'new face' Anne Nightingale on Wednesday's. Rosko's Round Table remained with the Friday slot.




There was a new Controller for Radio 1 & 2, Charles McLelland.

The BBC Claimed more London listeners than the ILR stations Capital Radio and LBC; 3 million tuned to Radio 1 in the Capital compared to 600,000 listening to ILR.


However, some Scottish listeners were not happy

NEW Scots_Critics (mp3)


Feb 1975

Alan Freeman presents a new Saturday afternoon show that includes classical music.


40 girls were rescued from a lake and 100 fans injured during the Fun Day at Mallory Park, Leicestershire.  The Bay City Rollers were mobbed by fans when they were ferried across a lake from an island. The show  featured a line-up of pop and motor racing by disc jockeys.

Fun Day out at Mallory Park  (64kbps)

more from Mallory Park 1975 (64kbps) 32kbps version



The Roadshow was back  on between 11 am and 12.30pm. The line up was David Hamilton,  Ed Stewart, Rosko, Paul Burnett, Dave Lee Travis and Noel Edmonds.




Dave Lee Travis returned to a daily slot after 2 years, with a 4.30pm slot called 'DLT O.K.'



Radio 1 were able to recoup some of the airtime lost earlier in the year, including John Peel broadcasting 5 nights a week, 11pm -12 midnight 



A special programme, 'EJ the DJ' found Elton John spinning his favourite discs.



Early in the year;


September; Paul Gambaccini began his long-running series playing pop records from the American charts.


Rosko"s show was extended to 3 hours since Stuart Henry had left.(10.00 am-1 pm)

1.0pm saw Paul Gambaccini with All American Heroes then Alan Freeman 2pm to 5pm followed by John Peel for half an hour.

The Rhythm & Blues shows originally broadcast by mike Raven and later Dave Simmons since Radio 1 began were replaced by' In Concert at 6.30 pm.


Following Paul Gambaccinis series, a documentary entitled "Simon & Garfunkel " Together and Alone' was aired. This series was followed by "Face to Faith" (Adam Faith documentary) and "my Top 12" for 6 months.



"my Top 12" was dropped from the first Sunday of 1975 and replaced with the third airing of The Story of Pop narrated by Alan Freeman.

"The Story of Pop" series was followed by "Insight" a series about those with a special interest, e.g. humour, surfing, stars from the midlands.


Alan Freeman was also chairman of "Quiz Kid "75" which became an annual event from Manchester.

Jimmy Savile"s "Double Top Ten" show became permanent at 1 pm and 2 pm. Savile's Travels/Speakeasy were broadcast at 3 monthly intervals.

Anne Nightingale sat in the Sunday seat vacated by Dave Lee Travis with a show originally called the W1A 4WW, later titled the Anne Nightingale Request show.


There were two 2-hour "Fun Days" broadcast, May 18th from Mallory Park and September 7th from Brands Hatch. 





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Could you post "Story of Simon & Garfunkel - Together and Alone".
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