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Timeline 1967




Edward Short (Postmaster General) announced in Parliament the BBC would open their new 'pop channel' on September 30th. The station would broadcast continuous pop music from 7AM to 7.30 Pm followed by light music and entertainment until 2AM. The additional BBC budget for the new station was only ?200,000 a year.


BBC Director of Radio, Frank Gillard, announced plans to 'kill off' the Light Programme, Home Service and Third Programme. In future it would be 'Radio by Numbers'.  


Marine Offences Act came into force, outlawing the pirate stations.


Radio 1 launched at 7.00 am with Tony Blackburn playing 'Flowers in the Rain' by The move. The British public heard American style jingles on BBC radio for the first time. Newspaper headlines of the time included 'Aunty Becomes a Real Cool Chick' and 'It's Radio One-Derful'. 

The line-up at launch consisted of Tony Blackburn, Jimmy Young, Simon Dee, Stuart Henry, Kenny Everett, Duncan Johnson, David Rider, Emperor Rosko, Dave Cash, Keith Fordyce, Denny Piercy, Ray Moore, Tony Hall, Pete Brady. David Symonds, Pete Myers, Bob Holness, Terry Wogan, Barry Alldis, Mike Lennox, Keith Skues, Jack Jackson, Chris Denning, Johnnie Moran, Pete Murray, Ed Stewart, Pete Drummond, Alan Freeman and Mike Raven.

The BBC were forced to compromise with the amount of pop music output since the new Radios 1 and 2 were allocated and paid fees for only seven hours 'needletime' for both networks by the musician Union. Therefore much Radio 1 output was heard on Radio 2 and vice versa.

Regular Light Programme listeners who had tuned in to brass band music in the Music While You Work show since 1940 were shocked to hear Radio 1's Jimmy Young Show as this was also carried by the new Radio 2!


Dave Cash joined Radio 1


Mike Ahern's first (and last) Radio 1 Broadcast, Top Gear.


Tony Blackburn is "kidnapped" by a posse of rag week students at Surrey University. They leap on him as he leaved his Knightsbridge flat, bundled him in to his van, demanding he played a 70 second rag week commercial tape on-air. Tony missed half an hour of his show as a result. The BBC 'took a dim view' but no charges were brought.

Dec 1967

Duncan Johnson and Mike Ahern become the first departures. Johnson was supposedly "too old" at 29 for the station's image. Ahern only presented one programme, and emigrated to Australia. They were replaced by Tony Brandon and Rick Dane.




7.00 (Radio 1 only) Tony Blackburn with 'Daily Disc Delivery'

8.30 (Radio 1 & 2  - former light programme show) 'Family Choice' - on the Light Programme this show was called Housewife's Choice. Running since 1946  there was a different presenter each week including Rolf Harris, Val Doonican, and Stuart Henry.

9.50 Duncan Johnson presented 'Crack the Clue' (replaced by 'Starwords' after 3 months)

9.55 (Radio 1 & 2). Jimmy Young Show which included a phone-in discussion slot.

12.00 (Radio 1 & 2) midday Spin  With a different DJ each day. Presenters included Kenny Everett, Simon Dee. Duncan Johnson and Stuart Henry. Duncan Johnson was sacked after 8 weeks and replaced by Tony Brandon.

1.00 (Radio 1 & 2) This slot featured a big band show, as formerly broadcast by the Light Programme and was varied as follows;


Monday's show hosted by Dave Cash with the Ray McVay Sound.

Tuesday Keith Fordyce presented 'Pop Inn' (stars with current hits interviewed)

Wednesday saw the long-running light programme show 'Parade of the Pops' featuring Denny Piercy and Bob miller with his Millermen.

Thursdays programme was 'Pop North' with Manchester's own Northern Dance Orchestra, presented by Ray Moore and later DLT.

Friday it was back to London and the Joe Loss Show. Presented by David Hamilton, Tony  Hall and Roger Moffat in turn.


The rest of the day's shows were;

1.55 Crack the Clue (repeat)

2.00 (Radio 1 only) Pete Brady who later went on to present to ITV's Magpie.

4.30 (Radio 1 only)  'What's New' with a rota of DJ's. NB record review shows were not included in the needletime allocation.

David     5.30 - 6.30 (Radio 1 only) David Symonds.


6.30 - 10 Pm (Radio 1 & 2) The evening Jazz, Folk & Country shows gradually moved over to Radio 2 through the years. Shows included 'Country Style' (Mon) introduced by David Allen, featuring USA and British acts. 'my Kind of Folk' (Wed) with a different artiste presenting each week. 'Country meets Folk' on Saturdays was broadcast live from Charing Cross Playhouse London presented by Wally Whyton with record reviews by David Allen. The live 'Jazz Club' show was introduced by Humphrey Littleton from venues around the UK.


10.00Pm 'Late Night Extra' - music from BBC studio recordings and discs. Interviews with celebrities. Presenters included Bob Holness., Barry Alldis and Terry Wogan. Radio 2 Style programme


12.05 Pm  - 2Am 'Night Ride'; 'Non-needletime music' with live guests. Presenters included Bruce Wyndham and Roger moffat. John Peel on Wednesdays from March 6th 1968. Radio 2 Style programme




7.00 Tony Blackburn (Radio 1 only)

8.32 Junior Choice (formerly Children's Favourites' on the Light Programme) presented by Leslie Crowther (Radio 1 & 2)

9.55 Competition Answers (Radio 1 only)

10.00 Saturday Club with Keith Skues -  a showcase for new and established artists (started 1958 on the Light Programme as Saturday Skiffle Club - with washboard rhythms) formerly presented by Brian Matthew)

12.00 Emperor Rosko - recorded in BBC Paris studios.

1.00 PM Jack Jackson (comedy clips from albums and easy listening music)

2.00 Chris Denning 'Where it's at' -

3.00 'Pick of What;'s New (Needletime Saving Exercise!) Presenters included Pete Murray, Ed Stewart, Don moss Keith Skues Jonathan King and DLT.

4.00Pm Pete Brady (called his listeners cousins)

5.30 Country meets Folk

6.32 Scene & Heard; news items,  pop press review, interviews and looking at a current LP. This programme was often rescheduled to different times and days.

10.00 Pete's People (Pete Murray) Radio 2 style programme

12.05 Night Ride  see weekdays above.




(As Radio 2) then

9.00 Junior Choice (Radio 1 & 2)

10.00 Ed Stewart's 'Happening Sunday' a mix of discs and BBC recordings. (until 17th December when replaced by Kenny Everett)

12.00 Family Favourites (as Radio 2)

2.00 Pm Top Gear ( 3 hours of  "progressive" music. Presenters included Pete Drummond, John Peel Tommy Vance and Mike Ahern for 1 episode October 8th.

7.00 Mike Raven Rhythm & Blues show.

The rest of the Sunday evening shows leaned towards 'Radio 2' programming with Jazz Scene, David Jacobs and Night Ride.



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