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Timeline - 1972


1972New head of Radio 1 ; Derek Chinnery, who had joined the BBC in 1941, worked through the ranks in engineering/production having been involved in 'Pick of the Pops', 'Pop Inn' and 'Radio 1 Club'.



Terry Wogan moved to Radio 2 and was replaced with Alan Freeman. Alan was the Vice-President of the London Union of Youth Clubs and his daily show spotlighted Youth Club activities.



An all-day outside broadcast on Bank Holiday Monday the 28th was aired, with DJs presenting their shows from holiday spots around the UK. Starting at 7am, Tony Blackburn was first heard from Bournemouth, David Hamilton was next at Whipsnade Zoo, Dave Lee Travis was at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Johnny Walker at a Great Yarmouth holiday camp and Alan Freeman at Battersea Park, London.


Jimmy Young was ordered to stop singing on his daily Radio 1 show; BBC officials felt his 'sweet music' songs were out of keeping with the pop service. Jimmy has been serenading houswives since 1967 and said he had no intention of switching to Rock and Roll.



Radio 1 celebrated five years of broadcasting. Hundreds of balloons were released from the top of Broadcasting House by the current DJs. Attached to each was a form on which the finder could write their favourite record title, return it to the BBC, who would play it on the air. The DJ's also sang a special song 'Tune to Radio 1' (based on Ray Stevens' Turn Your Radio on)



Dave Lee Travis atop BH plus celebratory song





'What's New'  show was dropped after five years on-air. 


'Radio 1 Club' came back after a break of 12 months, however the time slot was moved from lunchtime to 5pm following complaints from headmasters that pupils had been missing school in order to attend the functions. Presenters included Rosko, Noel Edmonds, Stuart Henry, Steve Jones, John Peel and Nicky Horne. There was no Friday edition since the 'Round Table' show was heard instead.


Nicky Horne 1972 Sound Clips


Rocky Weather News   

The might midget

Former roadie for Emperor Rosko, Nicky Horne went on to work at Capital Radio and now works at Jazz FM in the UK.


Steve Jones 1972 Sound Clips

B Side Bonanza (show trail)

Disc Intro


Steve Jones went on to work at Radio 2 (early show), later hosting The Pyramid Game on British TV and on presenting on London's LBC radio.


The try-out of D.J.'s continued; Dave Anthony, Steve Jones (later moved to Radio Clyde), Nick Horne and Bob Baker (who both went on to Capital Radio)


January - Mike Raven left Radio 1, replaced by David Simmons.

- 'In Concert' returned, at 6.30pm, introduced by John Peel, Bob Harris and Mike Harding.



January -


Rosko presented a new show scheduled just before 'Pick of the Pops' on Sundays titled 'Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay'.


The first  Radio 1 documentary programme was aired; the Elvis Presley story, narrated by Wink Martindale. The series was made in the USA and (strangely) was heard in the middle of 'Pick of the Pops'.


April - Ed Stewart launched 'Sunday Sport' at 7pm. The show was replaced in the winter with 'Sounds on Sunday'.






May - Pick of the Pops was split again since Brian Matthew narrated The Beatles Story. This major 13 part series marked the first Radio 1 produced  documentary. It was produced by Johnny Beerling.


June - Tony Blackburn presented his first Sunday show, which ran for several weeks - the Top 100 Records, a chart based on listener's requests.


June - Johnnie Walker was forced to drop his popular daily horoscope feature since the BBC had decided it was 'sheer hokum' and contributed too much talk to a music network.


September - 'Pick of the Pops' was broadcast for the last time in its present 'current chart' form. Alan Freeman was replaced by Tom Brown with his show 'Solid Gold Sixty' which was a three hour show from 4pm. The Top 20 was run down from 6pm to 7pm; the final hour was carried by Radio 2 long wave and VHF.


Brian Matthew co-presented a one-off show with Tom Browne later in the year entitled '50 years of Pop', coinciding with the BBC's 50th Anniversary. 




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