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1982 - 1986 jingles Jam Creative Productions of Dallas, Texas




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Nice & Easy

Early Show

Terry's Fave 5

American Hot 5

Sounds Easy

Music in the Morning

All for You


1982 Jam Creative Productions of Dallas, Texas.

Early Show

Breakfast Show

DJ Name Jingles

433 & 330


Competition Time

Happy Holiday

Happy Christmas

Traffic News with Jam voiceover


1986 Jam Creative Productions of Dallas, Texas.

Radio 2 and You 4 mins: News, We'll Start the Day for You, Perfect Blend, All for You, 24 Hours a Day Entertainment, Your Station, All Over the Country (3 versions), Radio 2 Harmony, Radio 2 and You, World of Entertainment, Competition Time, Entertainment, National Radio 2 .. for Everyone, Love in the Afternoon, Music, Radio 2 and You, Serving the Whole UK, Travel News, Always Turn to Us, Jingle Bells (Happy Listening).

Station ID 2 mins: Radio 2 Station ID  - eight versions.

People 4 mins: Radio 2 Station ID, Morning Musical Memories, Radio 2, Start the Day (Ray Moore), Breakfast Listening (Derek Jameson) Afternoon Entertainment (Gloria Hunniford Intro) Early Evening Listening (John Dunn Intro) Radio 2 - David Jacobs Intro, Colin Berry Intro, News , Jimmy Young Intro, Late Night Listening; Chris Stewart, Much More Music with ...Adrian Finnigan...Bill Reynolds...Charles Nove...Dave Bussey...Gloria Hunniford...John Marsh...John Sachs...Martin Kelner...Steve Madden...Ken Bruce..Judith Chalmers, Music Show Golden Oldies (David Hamilton Intro), Night Ride (2 versions), Round Midnight (Brian Matthew Intro).

Sport 1 min: Sport on 2, Sport on Saturday, Sport on Sunday, Monday Sport on 2.


Clips from the Radio 2 1984 Radio 2 package

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