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1970's Jingles

Radio 2 began the 1970's decade with PAMS jingles from Dallas, buying three packages and played them until 1976. Below you can here some lovely samples including the memorable Hands Upon the Clock song.

1976 saw the beginning of a twenty year relationship between the BBC and JAM Creative Productions of Dallas, Texas. This resulted in jingle standards  which became part of British pop radio culture.


1972 - 1974 jingles Pams Productions of Dallas, Texas

1976 - 1995 jingles Jam Creative Productions of Dallas, Texas



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1972 - 1974 - PAMS

Hands Upon the Clock

Early Show

Radio 2

Melody All the Way (Bed)

Looking Ahead

Smooth & Sweet

Traffic News

Turn to Us

North South East & West

Stereo for You

1500 Long Wave

Easy Listening

Just for You

Thanks for Your Letters

Two's Company



1976 - JAM

Good Morning

Start the Day Right

This Is Radio 2

Music and Memories

Traffic News

Radio 2 Goes Racing great cornet

1500 on the Long Wave (Song)

This Is Radio 2 (slow)

Sport..On 2 (Bed)

Two's Company one minute

Brightens Up Your Day

Music Just For You my favourite

Terry Wogan & John Dunn

Happy Holiday

Much More Music (Bed)

News Jingle & Wavelength Voice Over


1978- JAM

Good Morning (Song)

All Across the Country

On the Move to 693 & 909

Stereo VHF 433 & 330

Seasons Greeting & O'Come

Stereo Sounds

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Mark Radbourne (Cromer) says...
Sounds like some of the PAMS jingles were adapted from the ones used by Britain Radio in the 1960s
1st August 2017 4:19pm
Allan Wallace (Perth) says...
The opening music to Radio 2 around 1974 was Theme One by the George Martin Orchestra, which was originally the Radio One theme tune,
5th February 2017 3:35pm
Phil (Crewe) says...
What was the rousing music with which Radio 2 opened transmission each morning about 04.55 in the mid 70's?
2nd October 2016 1:25am
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