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1960's Jingles




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Although Paul Hollingdale opened Radio 2 with a happy but generic Wake Up Easy jingle, Radio 2 listeners had to wait until 1968 for their very own jingle package.


Since Radio 2 was successor to the Light, many programmes carried on much the same after launch; jingles had not been heard on the Light, so now were only played on those early morning and late night Radio 2 shows heard across both networks. Radio 2 contracted Pepper Tanner of Memphis for their first package. The BBC reasoned that due to Musicians Union restrictions and the high quality of Dallas jingles it was quite necessary to go Stateside.


Pepper Tanner offered jingles at a fraction of the price of Dallas rival Pams.


1968 - jingles Pepper Tanner of Memphis, Tennessee


Breakfast Special

Smoother Mid Morning Listening

The Musical World

Looking Ahead Today

BBC Radio 2 (with harp)

In Tune la la la

Days Swing Easy

Easy Listening Time

Weekend World

Now Listen!

Nightime Music  

Nightride nice bit of jazz



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