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Gary Davies  



Gary With 'Willy on the Plonker' (1986)

Gary with younger fans (1987)


Opening the Roadshow from

Newcastle, Northern Ireland (1988)

Gary Davies presented the popular lunchtime show after Paul Burnett. He was famous for his 'Bit in the Middle' slot and his 'Willy on the Plonker' piano tune competition. He was also famous for his 'Young, Free and Single' catchphrase, appealing to a late-teenage audience.

After being sacked from Radio 1 in 1993 after 11 years at the station, he spent time with Virgin 1215 presenting a night-time show.

During June 2002 Gary commenced a 2pm Sunday CD countdown starting on Real Radio in Yorkshire. (Real Radio also have stations in Scotland and South Wales and can be heard throughout Europe on digital satellite).



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Audio BBC

Gary Davies on Radio 1 (1983)  (Mp3 64kbps) 24Kbps

'Ooh, Gary Davies on your Radio!' (mp364kbps) 32kbps

Radio 1 More Time Show (mp364kbps) 32kbps

NEW Wouldn't It be Good jingle (1983)

Intro to Tuesday show with new Top 40; Jan '85

Live from Leeds 1985

Herr Flick reads a request 1985


Gary at Great Yarmouth Easter Monday 1986

Gary's 'Bit in the Middle' Jingle (1987) (mp3 32kbps)

G'Day Gary Davies (year unknown)



The following clips are taken from a Sunday Top 40 6th September 1987, when Gary 'sat in' for regular presenter Bruno Brookes.


Introducing the chart with 'a lot of action'

Jingle 'hit after hit' and countdown 30 -21

Def Leppard is at no.17

Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram at 16

Cliff's at 15

Prince & Sheena Easton at 11 'You've Got the Look'

This week's Top 40 jingle and countdown 20-11

Michael Jackson & Siedah Garrett at number 7.



Counting down the BBC Top 40 Tuesday 16.10.88

Good Luck to 18 Nurses (1989)

Day to Day Fun 1989 

American Chart from BH Roof 14.06.89

Equipment failure in Sept 1989



Presenting The American Top 20 - 1990

Early 90's jingles including 'Gary's Gobsmacker's'

Handover to Steve Wright 1991



Gary's last_lunchtime Radio 1 show March 1992

Gary admits he's going to Virgin Dec 1993

Best Music in the World jingle 1993 

A 21st Birthday Roadshow intro; Derby 1993

Final Radio 1 broadcast Dec 1993 


"Maybe you can add to the overview that during the mid-80s - 1985/86 if I remember correctly - Gary (just like Pat Sharp) presented a daily VJ-show on Sky Channel with videos and occasional guests, directed at Europe, resulting in him becoming temporarily popular in Holland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Hans from Cura o"


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5/5 (4)
NEIL (WALSALL) says...
14th January 2018 9:45pm
Simon Singer (Aberdeen) says...
Great to hear Gary Davies back on the airwaves sitting in for Sara Cox for a week only on sounds of the eighties. Hear it on the BBC radio player

Get him back on the radio full time!
12th June 2017 10:09pm
Kevin Cantwell (Bedford) says...
I remember taking my 3 girls & some of their friends to the Radio 1 Roadshow at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire in 1988. We saw Gary Davies & Samantha Fox - I have some pictures.
4th February 2015 11:00pm
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