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  Paul Burnett


Paul Burnett around 1969


Paul (R) with David Jensen at a Roadshow (1981)



Cueing up in 1983




Born in Manchester in 1943, Paul Burnett first worked as a salesman and made his first broadcast for the Aden Broadcasting Service while serving in the RAF. On returning to the UK, Paul worked as a Disc Jockey at a Northern Disco five nights a week before buying himself out of the Air Force.


After a brief spell as a Pirate Radio announcer on the North Sea (Radio 270 off the coast of Yorkshire) he worked for Radio Luxembourg before joining Radio 1 for the Saturday morning slot in March 1974.


Paul held the weekday lunchtime slot  from 1974 to 1982. Every Tuesday he counted down the new singles chart live on Radio 1.  He first presented a three hour Sunday show called All There Is To Hear, taking over the weekday lunchtime slot in July 1976. Here his shows included a countdown of the new singles sales chart on Tuesdays, as well as daily features 'Pub of the Day' and 'Fun at One' featuring a recorded comedy clip.


More recently, he broadcast on Classic Gold Radio at lunchtime on various stations in the UK and on audio satellite until September 27, 2002 and became involved in a film project about his days on Nova 270.


In April 2004 he returned to Classic Gold Digital on a Saturday morning as well as

weekday lunchtimes. He left the station when it merged with Capital Gold to form the new Gold network in August 2007.




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Audio BBC


Paul with Smiley Miley at a Roadshow (1978) 

Live on Pebble Mill Show (Nov. 1978)


The following 5 clips are taken from a Tuesday show 26th September 1978

1. Show start - good morning! (2 mins)

2. Looking for a Jukebox (2 mins)

3. Is, was, should have feature (3 mins)

4. Newsbeat with Laurie Mayer & Top 5

(3 mins)

5. The Complete Top 40 rundown (3 mins)


Presenting a 'Fun at 1' Feature (1979) MP3

Presenting a Top 40 in 1979

Tuesday AM Top 40 Countdown June (1981)

DLT & Paul Burnett's no.4  spoof 1976 UK hit of a CW McCall classic; Convoy by 'Laurie Lingo & the Dipsticks'

Summer jingle Paul Burnett



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Phillip Robinson (Hull) says...
When Paul was doing the late show, at KCFM,in early 2008,i was waiting in the car park with a friend ,with the intention of getting him to sign my autograph book!i chickened out, a regret! i don t think ill get the chance again,think highly unlikely,he ll work in the north again!
6th April 2017 12:14pm
Phillip Robinson (Hull) says...
Yes I agree, that Paul now is largely forgotton, which is a shame, because he s still very entertaining and funny.
Still treasure my Paul Burnett pen, from being on his Radio 1 show, a feature called "Is Was should of"
30th January 2016 11:41am
Glenn Aylett (Whitehaven) says...
He seems largely forgotten now and claimed Radio 1 sacked him as his show was losing listeners. Indeed after Paul's enforced departure from Radio 1, for many years he struggled with only some stand in work on Radio 2, until the rise of Gold stations in the early 90s saw PB get regular work.
24th July 2015 2:27pm
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