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Have A Go  (1946 to 1967) pictured above. With his broad Yorkshire accent, Wilfred Pickles had been the first non 'standard BBC' speaker to read the news. He is, however best remembered as compere of this travelling radio quiz where he interviewed ordinary people around the country, rewarding undemanding questions with cash prizes. The show attracted audiences of 20 million; contestants were asked to tell the world their most embarrassing moments, secrets and treasured memories in return for 'having a go' at the quiz which gave each correct answer 5 shillings up to a jackpot of 1/19/11d. His catch-phrases included 'How do, how are yer ', 'Are yer courting ' and 'Give him the money, Mabel'. By the time the show was axed in 1967, over 400,000 miles had been travelled between venues! The clip included above is from Dec 1961 clip at Cullumpton, Devon. The image above shows Wilf and his wife Mabel congratulating a jackpot winner.


Twenty_Questions (1947 - 1976) Stuart McFerson was original Chairman with Richard Dimbleby in hot persuit. Light Programme quizzes also included The audio clip is from December 1949.


Listen with Mother (1950-1982) was a fifteen minute programme of stories, songs and nursery rhymes aimed at the under-fives. It was transmitted at 1.45 pm for 32 years without a break. During the 1950's the show became a national institution with a million listeners. Story readers were Daphne Oxenford, Dorothy Smith and Julia Lang. From 1963 it was moved to the Home Service and then Radio Four, until it's demise due to TV rivalry in 1982. 


Woman's Hour (1946-date) a weekday 2pm show, early items included cooking with whale meat, I married a lion tamer and how to hang your husband's suit. Over the years it has been presented by Olive Shapley, Jean Metcalfe,  Marjorie Anderson, Judith Chalmers, Sue MacGregor, Jenni Murray and Martha Kearney. The show moved to Radio 4 in 1973 where it is still going strong.


Not forgetting Top Of The Form school quiz, What Do You Know (which became Brain of Britain) and the Round Britain Quiz. Be My Guest presented by Brian Matthew, In Town Tonight was still going.


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