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Emperor Rosko 


Rosko in 1968



Taking part in the BBC Radio 1

Disc-Jockey Derby 1968







Emperor Rosko was born in Hollywood in 1942, son of film producer Joe Pasternak. (His real name is Michael Pasternak). He was educated in Paris, Switzerland Japan and California.


He was particularly influenced by the KYA Los Angeles DJ Emperor Hudson and Wolfman Jack. Rosko's opportunity to broadcast came whilst in the US Navy where he presented show on a aircraft carrier.  He then went to Europe and  hosted sponsored programmes in France and Belgium.


He joined Radio Caroline in 1966 where his pacey American style soon made him one of the station's best loved DJs. He then was heard on French language stations Radio Monte - Carlo and Radio Luxembourg.



As a Disc Jockey with Radio 1 at its launch in 1967, Rosko initially recorded shows in France for 'Midday Spin'. On his first Midday Spin show at Radio One, Rosko introduced himself like so...."I am the Emperor....the geeter with the heater; your leader, your groovy host from the West coast, here to clear up your skin and mess up your mind. It'll make you feel good all over!!" He highlighted the new Motown, Reggae, and Rock music on his shows.


John Dunn, BBC news presenter who followed Rosko's show must have had difficulty understanding some of Rosko's 'Jive Talk' when he announced "Now here is the English!"


He moved to the UK in 1968, so was heard live on Radio 1. Along with DLT, he launched the first Mobile Discotheque, The Rosko International Roadshow.


From 1970 he presented the Friday Roundtable where new records were reviewed by a panel, and a Saturday lunchtime slot. He stayed with Radio 1 until September 1976, when he left to join his Father in America who was suffering from ill health.


When he returned to Europe, he was heard via recorded shows on Radio Luxembourg. In 1982 he returned to Radio 1 for a 13-week Sunday series of shows, and continued to broadcast  at weekends on Radio 1 during the Summer for four years. In 1992 he helped celebrate the station's 25 years birthday with a special broadcast, before being heard on Virgin 1215 in April 1993.

Keen music enthusiast Rosko is remembered for being a LOUD disk-jockey and continues with this style on his shows today. The Rosko Roadshow is alive and well in California. From 2001 to 2005 he was heard at weekends live from L.A. on English local radio stations 'Classic Gold Digital'.



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Audio BBC


Midday Spin from BBC Studio 7th October 1967

You Lose I Win

Gonna Blow my Mind feel Mighty Kind

What's Your Story Morning Glory on BBC1

Clear Up your Skin and Mess Up Your Mind


Radio 1 Club 4th March 1970 - Exeter

Lots of Things to Say and Much More to Play

Broadcasting to You, Baby!

Time for a Bedtime Story

It's What's Happening


Saturday Rosko Show 3rd October 1970  - London

Noel Intro to Rosko - Who 'Is In The Groove'

"Much More Music Than Any Other Place" 48k

"You're Looking All Right, Girl" 48k

How to Join BBC Radio 1 Club  48k




Rosko show from 1970 (mp3) 32kbps

Last Manchester Club show (1971)

Copyright 1972  

Trail for a Rosko show (year unknown)

Rock and Roll is here to stay! (1973)

Round Table intro theme used up to 1976

Last Round Table in 1976 (mp3) 32kbps




Fun Day - Live from Brands Hatch,  August Bank Holiday 1977

 Welcome to Brands Hatch

 Jingle which sounds  like a Radio Luxembourg ditty!

 Kid Jensen complains about Simon Bates

 Noel Edmonds Expected to Win

 Emperor Rosko Jingle

 Doing it to You - All Afternoon

 Radio 1 Brings the Stars to You

 Chat with David Essex (4 mins)




Reflecting on 10 years of Radio 1 (1977)

Rosko Show jingles selection

1988 Saturday Radio 1 Show Celebrating R1's 21st Birthday

1960's name Jingle

NEW  From London Town_jingle


External Links


Emperor Rosko's Main Site

Classic Gold Digital


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Comments (6)

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Ken (Belfast) says...
Lifted his act lock, stock and barrel from the American radio jocks of the 1960s. This hi tempo, fast talking style surprisingly was a bit hit with the UK listeners of Radio Caroline and Radio One. It was always worth catching him and Stuart Henry on a Saturday morning. Great DJs!
17th May 2016 9:53pm
Dave Lewis (Kent) says...
Just listened to fun day Brands hatch snippet and the jingle moog link which sounds like a luxy jingle does come from a CPMG package who supplied remixes for luxy and rosko.........
30th November 2014 10:13pm
Clive Garrard (Bexhill) says...
Rosko was always my hero.
The man who had so much charisma and personality in front of the mic.
It was seeing Rosko at a radio 1 roadshow as a 15 year old schoolboy that made me want to work in radio.
He was a one off,one of a kind.
30th November 2014 12:23am
Franny Ward (Oldham) says...
Brought back some happy memories. The Emperor's presentation is still unique and missed so much on the radio. Merci Mike
29th November 2014 1:16am
Sherri Lynn (Penzance) says...
PS to my comment above: EMPEROR ROSKO's website is Well worth visiting! :)
28th November 2014 12:38pm
Sherri Lynn (Penzance) says...
THANK YOU, RADIO REWIND for this WONDERFUL surprise!! EMPEROR ROSKO is, to me, not just AN absolutely BRILLIANT DJ but THE absolutely BRILLIANT DJ....who gives so much "sparkle" with his positive, upbeat energy and great selection of music and....what makes him outstanding to WHAT he says and the WAY he puts words together. An absolute gift ...which I very much admire and enjoy. As a result, I am very HAPPY to help promote him!! Anybody interested in having his shows on their ... Read More
28th November 2014 12:35pm
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