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  Phillip Schofield 





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Going Live intro 1989


Interviewing Perfect Day 1989 (AM recording)

Phillip's Trailer for new 'Going Live' 1992  32k

NEW 1990 Skegness Roadshow Trail

Phillip says 'Good Evening team'  32kbps

NEW 'Going Live' jingle 1991 

NEW Nice song to close

'Summer Radio' jingle

Born in Manchester (1962), Phillip Schofield  presented a weekly Sunday Afternoon show on Radio 1.


Phillip    had worked on children's television and radio in New Zealand, and on moving back  to the UK in 1985 became famous as the announcer in the 'broom cupboard' on Children's BBC TV. 


His talent as a natural broadcaster met with success and he went on to co-Present 'Going Live' - the Saturday morning children's TV show on BBC 1 from 1987, which he fronted until 1992.

On August Bank Holiday Monday 1988 Phillip    was first heard on Radio 1 which was closely followed in October with his regular Sunday afternoon show 'Going Live on Radio 1', a magazine style programme with music, guests and competitions.

On Thursday evenings he hosted 'Live on Thursday' a request show which started the 'Sausage Liberation Society'!. Here, a listener's record request was granted if they supplied a creative letter or for a song that Phillip liked himself!

In 1989, Phillip    presented  the Radio 1 roadshows for a week in the South East of England. His success led in 1990 to two weeks in the North East and South West coasts of England with the last roadshow of the Summer on North Fistral Beach, Newquay; Phillip's home town. In 1992 he was seen and heard on the Northern Ireland Roadshow as well as Devon & Cornwall. 

Phillip    was with Radio 1 until 1992, when he had to leave due to the pressures of his new acting career.

Perhaps more famously, from January 1992 Phillip    starred as Joseph in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (London Palladium, UK Tour). He also took the lead role in "Doctor Dolittle" (London) from 1998. 

He has presented ITV game shows; Talking Telephone Numbers (five series), Tenball and Winning Lines.

Since October 2002 Phillip has co-presented the ITV magazine programme This Morning with Fern Briton having taken over from John Lesley. He is also a regular presenter of the Lotto show on BBC 1.



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