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  Dixie Peach


Dixie Peach in 1984 and 1985




A keen music fan and backing vocalist, Dixie released a single in 1984.

His real name is Bernie Michael.

Dixie Peach is a keep fit enthusiast.

Playing American style rock and funk, Dixie Peach's voice first hit the Radio 1 airwaves Saturday nights in 1984.


On his 2 hour Midnight Runner show He featured artistes such as  Bryan Adams, Nils Lofgren and Rick Springfield. 


Later Years


During 1991/1992 he was heard on the morning show  of CNFM (now Heart) Cambridge.


In the late-1990s he was working for British Forces Broadcasting Service, under his real name, and also doing some programming work for Music Choice Europe.


His wife was later offered a job in the Manchester area, so he moved there with her.



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Paul (London) says...
Bernie is a great guy who now works in the legal service
30th October 2016 12:47am
Paul says...
His voice was first heard on Radio Caroline in 1983
22nd November 2015 9:27am
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