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Bruno Brookes









Bruno Brookes


Liz Kershaw


Rather him than me...


'On Show' Magazine cover

Bruno with 5 Star -1986


Radio 1 Promotional Card





Bruno Brookes presented the BBC Top 40 show on Sundays from early 1986 until Sept 1990 and again from March 1992 to Feb 1995. He was well known for his lively, professional presentation style.

Born 1959 in Stoke-on-Trent, Bruno (his 'real' name is Trevor) was fascinated with the role of DJ and began at his local youth club. He helped his father run mobile discos and soon won a Disc Jockey Derby competition. Bruno Made DJ demo tapes in his soundproofed garage and sent them to radio stations around the UK. Initially, his own local station Radio Stoke invited him to review records on a teen programme.  After suggesting a jobspot feature there he ended up taking over the whole show for three years. He increased the audience by fivefold and was Made a permanent presenter.

This came to the notice of Radio 1, who asked him to sit in for Steve Wright. Bruno then fronted the Drivetime show from 1984 (formerly presented by Peter Powell). This show include the 'Twisted Lyrics' feature. Also the Compact Disc Show, Chartbusters, the Weekend Breakfast show (1989 - 1991 with Liz Kershaw) the weekend early show,  and finally weekday early mornings, as well as the Top 40 show.

Bruno said that he was hugely influenced by RTL Radio Luxembourg DJ's and has a passion for banana sandwiches!

Relaxing in his home studio 1988


Sacked by Trevor Dann 24.02.95 after 11 years, only minutes after his early morning show finished at 6.30am. Bruno, who also presented the Sunday Top 40, was said to be "gutted" when told his 100,000 contract, which ended in April 1995, was not being renewed. Bruno also said he had quit because he was fed up with getting up at 3am., and Matthew Bannister could not offer a better time slot. His morning show was taken over by Dave Pearce, from Kiss FM, and the Sunday chart show by Mark Goodier.


He was the Manager of Chris Moyles and jointly ran a radio and TV Presenter School at Newbury. He also recorded a regular radio show, Bruno at the Millhouse from his home near Newbury, which included guests such as Ant and Dec. His partner was Anthea Turner for ten years, before she left him for Peter Powell.

Bruno was the last pre - 1993 Disc Jockey to be dismissed during the changes by Radio 1 Management 1993-1995. He married former model Debbie Brooker in 1994 and went on to make a fortune with Storm Radio, the UK's first 24 Hour internet radio station. His company was called Bruno Brookes Media Entertainment which based in Bond Street, London.

Storm Radio was renamed Immedia in 1999, and the company was floated in December 2003, with Bruno's stake valued at over 2 million. His Company supplies instore radio for  Lloyds pharmacies, Dixons and 2,300 other shops and newsagents. Brookes' company got 3.77 million from the placing after expenses.

Bruno suffered a non-fatal heart attack in May 2006 and as a result vowed to give up smoking.



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Audio c BBC



NEW First Compact Disc Show Pt. 1 Bank Holiday 26/08/85 (9 mins)

Bruno describes the advantages of the CD format.


Intro to 1986 Chart of the Year - with Action Radio jingle  

Trailer for his Sunday chart countdown 

Famous Top 40 intro used by Bruno 1986  (no voiceover - theme is 'Rockall' by Mezzoforte).

Bruno Saying 'Radio 1 Stereo top 40' (1987) 

The Only Chart that Counts! (1987)  

Top Ten Countdown Jan 31st 1987 

Top Ten Countdown April 4th 1987 

Trail for 'Compact Disc Show' 1987 

Run-DMC & The Best Sound - 1987  Stereo   32k Mono

Chat with Roger Scott Sept 1988

Bruno &_Liz_breakfast_intro, 1989

Hottest Chart update from 20  32kbps version 

Damage to BNI ship at Rosslare 32kbps version - 1989 

Hottest Chart update from 30 32kbps version 

Full_countdown (1989) 32kbps  (3 mins)

Have a nice Night (1989) 32kbps version 

Dec 1989 and No.1 (includes pips & Radio 2 news clip) 

Another New Entry (1990) 



Start of his Compact Disc Show  


'Chartbusters' (prior to Top 40 4pm-5pm) 1988     


Breakfast 'Gotcha' and handover to DLT 1989

Jingles discussion- May 1990


The following 5 clips at 32kb are from his weekend early show with Liz Kershaw (see left) from 1989.


Tim Smith intro's Bruno & Liz's breakfast show (Feb '89) 

Bruno asks Liz about her holiday 

Talking about European 'Metric Time'  

Bruno talking about opening 'The Oasis' in Manchester 

Up to the news at 07:30 



The following 7 clips are from a Top 40 of July 1990


National Radio 1 Jingle and KLF at 16

Jingle 1FM & Jon Bon Jovi at no.13 1990

Technotronic at number 9

Who will it be number 7 in July 1990

Getting closer with Blue Pearl at no.6 July 1990

The Complete UK Top 40 July 1990

Europe's No. 1 Show & Annie July 1990     32kbps version



Breakfast June 1990

Bruno and Liz wait for each other! c1990

Eurovision Mockery  (Low Quality)



The following 12 clips are from what Bruno thought was his last Top 40 on 23rd September 1990 - however 18 months later he was presenting it again!


The 'Only Chart that Counts'; and number 40 is High-Tek 3

Status Quo are back - at 31

The Hottest Chart update from 40

The Stone Roses are at number 22

'Across the UK' jingle - and Bobby Vinton is back in the chart

Great week for Twenty 4 Seven at no.11

The Hottest Chart update from 20

Bass-O-Matic at no.9

Holy Smoke! at 5

Counting to Britains Brand New No.1 - Maria McKee (highlights)

Countdown in full (3 mins)

Bruno introduces Mark Goodier!!...and thanks Darren Putz



Sitting in for Gary Davies lunchtime Jan 1991


That's it! Handover to Tong (July 1992)

Bruno's early breakfast show 1992

'Top Tits' on the Chart July 1992

Bruno ending a Chart show March 1993 & Pete Tong    40Kbps

Countdown_numbers 30-21 in 1994

Trail May 1994

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Anthony (Accrington Lancashire) says...
Bruno was fantastic at the Top 40 and I also tuned into his teatime show after Newsbeat with that brilliant jingle "Five At Five Forty Five", I can never understand why Matthew Bannister and Trevor Dann finally got rid of him, he was NO dinosaur at all......
20th August 2017 3:35pm
andrew wigmore (surrey) says...
loved listening to Bruno Brookes, especially his tea-time show, and of course the Radio 1 top 40, couldn't quite understand why Matthew Bannister and Trevor Dann sacked him after all his early morning breakfast show had fantastic listening can hardly call Bruno a dinosaur. still a fantastic D.J, who sorely missed on the airwaves
23rd February 2017 12:41pm
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