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Sarah HB  


Sarah first broadcasted on radio in 1988 as a pirate DJ in London before becoming one of the original Kiss FM D.J's in 1990, where she co-presented the Breakfast Show, remaining at the station for eight years.




She has presented shows in Italy, Australia and New York!


As a club DJ, Sarah has played at all major UK clubs, and has guested at clubs in the USA and Europe.

As a promoter, Sarah has run many of her own clubs and managed a record label  for two years (Freetown Records).


From January 2000 until 7th September 2003, she presented a popular three hour Sunday morning show on Radio 1 from 7AM - 10am.


She ended her last show by saying "as with Alistair Campbell all good spins, and confrontations with the BBC, must come to an end. I'll see you on another frequency". She was replaced by Spoony of the Dreem Teem.


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