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  Mary Anne Hobbs 


Motorbike fanatic for over 20 years....Mary Anne began writing for Sounds at the age of 19. The next year she became  news reporter & features writer for NME and Select magazine.


Her first radio experience was in 1989 as a guest on Mark Goodier's Evening Session. She then contributed to shows on BBC Radio Wales, World Service and GLR. She was involved with trial broadcasts  on London's radio XFM, and became presenter of GLR's Sunday morning breakfast show.


In 1994 she joined Loaded magazine as music editor and feature writer.


In January 1996 Mary Anne joined Radio 1 to co-present the movie magazine Cling Film. She also  co-hosted The Evening Session and presented documentaries on The Sex Pistols and David Bowie. Mary Anne began her week night show in February 1997 with her midnight show Breezeblock  featuring elusive guest DJs. The Breezeblock hit the road in April 1998 touring major UK cities. In July 1998, the Breezeblock became a show in its own right.


In September 1999 she launched the Radio 1 Rock Show which has helped a UK revival in rock music .




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