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Chris Grant


Radio 1 shows included:



Sundays from
22 June

with the latest sounds live and on disc
(4 shows)


Weekdays from Monday
25 August
1969 14.00 until Friday 19th Sep
Something old, Plenty new,
Something borrowed. But nothing blue.

Aug & Nov 1970

Wednesdays 12.00

 Radio 1 Club Lower Regent St (2 shows)

from 5 September

Chris Grant with performances from TRAPEZE, ONYX

 (3 shows)






Chris at work today

Chris was at the BBC for almost eight years from 1969 presenting a variety of shows as well as the news and voice-overs. He presented the David Symonds Sunday Morning show on Radio One for 4 weeks in the early summer of 1969, followed in Autumn by a month filling in for the Dave Cash afternoon radio show, plus a few guest spots on Radio 1 Club.


Chris recalls;


 "I DJ'd for 5 weeks on the 6 till 7pm show on Saturday nights in I think the winter of 71 , plus the odd show here and there , I also hosted the DJ Weigh In Competition the following summer , which ran several times daily for 12 weeks."


Later Chris joined the presentation department with Tony Myatt, where he wrote and voiced all the Radio 1 trailers for 2 years. Whilst there, he was offered the position of news presenter and continuity announcer for Radio's 1 & 2 with the rank of MP2+2.
He also served in a similar position at BBC World Service over in Bush House on attachment for 3 months. Returning to Radio presentation and news afterwards for another year. He was offered the Night Ride show on Radio 2 by his boss Jimmy Kingsbury. " I politely tuned it down, as the music format did not appeal to me. You have to appreciate I was quite young at the time, so it was definitely a NO NO !"

Bad Language


"Whilst reading the news one afternoon into Radio 2, I had a report of a bomb going off in a shoe shop and as I came to the end of it, suddenly there was a "Bloody Hell !" uttered quite loudly from the continuity studio. I of course continued as if nothing had happened, and finished the bulletin, then handed over to Desmond Lynams afternoon show.  It transpired that Desmond was not aware that his studio was in network, when he uttered the fatal words, clearly his Tech-Op hadn't warned him that his studio was live.  It can so easily happen. The next day, the Daily Mirror carried a little report of the verbal outburst, with the headline "Bloody Hell, Here's The News! " I thought it was hilarious, but Jimmy Kingsbury was furious, poor old Desmond and a few other people probably got a mild ticking off for that one." 

Three Sheets to the Wind


"James Alexander Gordon and I were very good buddies , and quite a mischievous pair we were too, you would not believe the things we used to get up to at B H to ease the boredom and some of the younger announcers weren't much better. Still it kept the Tech-Ops amused and happy watching our little antics.  

Mind you, to see Roger Moffat, normally a consummate professional,  presenting Night Ride when he was three sheets to the wind was a hoot, he was a great old character; all of us younger ones really admired him."


These Days


"Not long after, with a little sadness, I felt that I needed to move on, or be stuck there forever, so I resigned from the BBC, and entered the world of commercial radio, as a DJ presenter, commercial producer, program director, and as a voice over artist and producer, which I am today. I now feed my voice to stations all over the UK commercial network and abroad , via I S D N from my studio in London. "


Above text from Chris with thanks.




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