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 Pick of the Pops

1952 to date


Alan Freeman "Picks the Pops"

Alan Freeman "Picks the Pops"


This famous name Sunday chart show began as a pop record segment during late Saturday night Light Programme music shows. The first presenter was Down Your Way host Franklin Englemann, closely followed by Alan Dell, David Jacobs and Don Moss. In January 1962 a 'Top Ten' was introduced when the show was moved to Sunday afternoons with Alan Freeman again at the helm.


Alan's fast paced presentation style was quite distinct from the usual sedate manner of existing BBC comperes. His is the voice deeply associated with the 'Swinging Sixties' since he hosted this most important and popular music show during an unique and memorable period when the British music scene became the envy of the world.


When Alan left the show in 1972, the programme was renamed Solid Gold Sixty featuring the Top Twenty singles chart in the last hour.


The Official Chart Show was relayed on the Radio 2 VHF frequency until 24/3/1990 and continues on Radio 1 each Sunday afternoon to this day.


The original Pick of The Pops name was resurrected in 1989 when Alan Freeman came back to recall charts gone by on Radio 2. 


Dale Winton presented this Saturday show on Radio 2 from 2000 until 2010 when Tony Blackburn took over. Tony's show coincided with the inclusion of 1960's Radio 1 jingles - some re-sung to include the 'Radio 2' station ident.


"Music hour by hour - too much on your tower - (its great) -  music hour by hour - up-to-date - music hour by hour - wonderful BBC."



David Jacobs May 1959   

NEW David Jacobs - Full show April 1961

Alan Freeman April 1964

Don Moss Sept 1964

Theme 1961 - 1967 Sign of  the Swingin' Cymbal by Brian Fahey 1960 

Theme 1967-1969*Quite Beside the Point by Harry Roberts Sound

Theme 1970 - 1972 Sign of the Swingin' Cymbal by Brass Incorporated

* estimated



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Kit Westlake (Bridgwater) says...
Stan Ogden,
You really should listen again. Paul Gambaccini is knowledgeable and interesting. He hasn't slipped up once since he took over.
4th March 2017 2:28pm
stan ogden (bolton) says...
stopped listening after the bbc got rid of tony will never listen again
24th July 2016 7:42pm
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