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  Victor Lewis-Smith




Ex-BBC radio producer Victor Lewis-Smith was influenced by Jack Jackson and Kenny Everett.


He created, along with writing partner Paul Sparks, some of the most original radio comedy programmes ever broadcast. The production and most of the voices were made by Victor himself.


At the time they were aired on Radio 1 in 1990, the shows were considered by some as the most offensive programmes heard on the station. They were broadcast late at night and carried a warning to listeners.


The shows combined hoax phone calls, sketches, one-liners, and abuse directed at well-known figures. Show titles included Let's go Sumo Wrestling with Barbara Cartland, Learn the Kama Sutra in Morse Code, and How to Kiss your own Ear!


He famously tried to coax Vatican Radio into giving him a job, saying he had experience as a Top Shop DJ!


In 1993, a BBC2 series was launched; Inside Victor Lewis Smith which took a look inside the mind of comic author prankster, as he lies immobilized in a "comic coma".


1997 saw his late-night Channel 4 series, TV Offal (which included hilarious Gay Daleks) and in 1999 BBC 2's Ads Infinitum.


Victor is currently working as the Evening Standard s TV reviewer.




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Audio BBC


Presidential Aides, "Blind Tasting" & Religious TV! (5 mins clip)


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Dirty Ruth (Thirsk) says...
Your A Weirdo Pal.
31st August 2016 10:05pm
mark newby (thirsk) says...
do you have any more of the victor lewis smith radio show from bbc radio 1? I had most ofthem recorded on tape but I have lost it in the last house move and am devastated
1st January 2015 12:49pm
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