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David Jensen, Trevor Dann, Robert Palmer and David Sylvian 1981

(L-R) David Jensen, Trevor Dann,

Robert Palmer and David Sylvian 1981

Note there really is a round table!


Richard Skinner, Green, Limahl and Gary Davies 1984

(L-R) Richard Skinner, Green, Limahl

and Gary Davies 1984



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Audio BBC



Round Table theme early 1970's



The following clips are taken from a March 1972 edition of Roskos'' Roundtable with Pete Murray and Mike Lennox as panellists.


Intros followed by Reparata & Delrons

Mixed opinions and Mal

Not a hit- and Edwin Star's Turned On

Mike picks his record by JF Murphy

Ginger Ale

Pete says he doesn't listen at home

Who's Bobby Patterson

Big Boris - won't be big  in the charts



The following clips are taken from a Boxing Day 1975 edition of Roskos' Roundtable with Graham Garden, Tim-Brook Taylor and Bill Oddie of Goodies fame.


Judging the Staple Singers

Goodies on the Goodies

Let's twist again!

Praise for Chicago; but who's the 4th Goodie




Last Rosko Round Table - 1976 (mp3)

Singled Out trail 1986

With Neil Tennant and Joe Strummer 1987

Mike Reads' Singled Out jingle

This Friday evening record review was launched  in October 1970.


Then hosted by Rosko, the idea was to invite a panel of DJ colleagues to listen to and discuss the latest record releases. Towards the end of his six years of compering the show, the format changed to allow well-known celebrities to voice their opinions on the tracks heard. The live shows were not without the occasional forthright guest hilariously (for the listener) speaking frankly on air, such as Billy Idol and Malcolm McLaren.


The show was 'rested' for a period during Autumn 1976 until early 1979 when David Kid Jensen took the helm, followed by Richard Skinner at the mic from 1981.


Through the years guests have been many and varied, including Smokey Robinson, David Bowie, Tom Jones, Suggs, Kylie Minogue, Brian Ferry, Kim Wilde and....


Elvis Costello & Fee Waybill  (05.05.79)

Paul Mcartney (79)

Kate Bush (08.79)

Joe Strummer & Debbie Harry (01.80)

Morrissey (09.12.83)

Siouxsie (20.05.83)

Agony Andy (XTC) Oct/Nov 1984

Midge Ure (26.10.84)

Limahl 20.06.84

Paul Weller (17.05.85)

David Coverdale 17.08.90

Maria Mckee 18.01.91

Billy Bragg (92)






"Roundtable is a very different programme. To a certain extent, because it's a new releases programme, the records pick themselves." He tends to select the panellists for one of two reasons; firstly, if they're "good talkers though not terrifically popular, like Robert Palmer"; or, secondly, if they're "a spokesman for modern youth, like David Sylvian, whose opinions are going to be interesting if he can express them. "Oddly," he adds, "we've had more mail for Sylvian than anyone else in the last five months."




"Once in the Roundtable studio, the line-up of Green (Scritti Politti), DJ Gary Davies, Limahl and host Richard Skinner all gather around a large circular table, sipping drinks and smoking cigarettes. Limahl later claims "it's mad! Everyone talks when they are supposed to be listening to the record and then you're supposed to slag it off accurately. 'Too Shy' was slagged off on this programme"




By 1985, after fifteen years, the show title was dropped, and from 1986-1992 a  record review with a similar format was aired, called Singled Out. The show was hosted firstly by Janice Long, soon followed by Mike Read.




Dave Lee Travis's summing up of REM's 'Losing My Religion' in March 1991, as "Their career's over!"


Dieter Meier of Yello describing Mike and The Mechanics' The Living Years as "worse than the worst pornography."




Listen to the new digital station BBC6 Music at 6pm on Fridays to hear Roundtable again!  Hosted by Andrew Collins, with currently famous people and newly released records...




On Radio Rewind; Rosko, Kid Jensen, Richard Skinner, Janice Long and Mike Read pages.

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