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Keith Skues


Born in Cheshire 1939 and educated at County Grammar School in Altrincham, Keith Skues completed two years National Service with the RAF. Whilst serving in Germany he worked for BFBN (British Forces Broadcasting Network) in Cologne. He was recommended by the station Director, got a civilian contract and has since travelled the world. In Kenya his radio shows 'Skues Me' and 'Skueball Speshall' won awards from the East African Press.


His nickname 'Cardboard Shoes' was earned when he had to change a poem quickly since station policy at BFBN Cologne did not wish DJ's names to be broadcast. But Keith used to say "Monday morning, please don't snooze, washday greetings from me Keith Skues". However one day he was  reciting this when the Station Director walked in, so Keith substituted 'Keith Skues' with Cardboard Shoes' and the name stuck!


Keith successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 1962 and Mount Kenya in 1963.


Returning to Britain and staff training with the BBC in 1963, Keith moved to Radio Caroline for two years and briefly Radio Luxembourg. Joining 'pirate' Radio London in 1966 until rejoining the BBC in the Summer of 1967, broadcasting for the Light Programme shows 'Saturday Club', 'Swingalong' 'What's New', 'Housewive's Choice' and 'Pop Inn'.



He became the resident compere of 'Saturday Club' with the launch of Radio 1 on September 30th 1967, and was the second pop D.J. to be heard on the new station. The first Radio 1 pop guests on his first Radio 1 show were Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich as well as the Bee Gees. He also occasionally presented Radio One Club and Night Ride as well as appearing on BBC TV shows Top of the Pops and Juke Box Jury.


He has written six books, including the detailed 'Radio Onederland' about the launch of Radio 1 and it's presenters (1968) and about pirate radio; 'Pop Went the Pirates' (1994).


Keith went on to present a daily show for Radio 1 from 1968. His presentation style was of light and airy chat. During an interview in 1968 he described his musical tastes as 'Radio 1 '; "not screaming and shouting but not too serious either". Keith remained with BBC until 1974 during which time he broadcast regularly on Radios 1 and 2. He edited the acclaimed Radio 1 series 'the Story of Pop' for Radio 1.


He became a Programme Director for Radio Hallam from 1974 and with  the launch of 'Classic Gold' network in 1989 became Programme Controller, as well as broadcasting a popular daily show. 


In 1995 he joined BBC East to present the regional share programme across East Anglian local BBC stations (10.00pm 1.00am) each weekday evening.



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Andy (Cheshire) says...
We recently found a DVD of old B&W cop shows, one of them being 'Sabre of London' which I recall from my youth. I'm pretty certain that the voice-over is none other than Cardboard Shoes himself. I no longer have access to the DVD.
11th June 2015 4:47pm
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