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   John Moran 


Having worked on Australian radio, John Moran  joined Radio Luxembourg in 1964. There he worked as an announcer for 2 years until moving to the UK in '66. He found difficulty in obtaining a regular income in London that year, working occasionally recording commercials and filming.

He commenced with the BBC in 1967, appearing on various Light Programme pop shows. When Radio 1 launched, he became the regular presenter of 'Scene & Heard', a programme about new sounds, pop news, views and interviews. The  programme ran every Saturday evening for 1 hour.




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Audio BBC


Introducing the first show 30th September 1967 6.32PM

1967 pop news with Miranda Ward & Mike Ledgerwood

Introducing 'Ten Years After' track 1970

Up to the Minute Pop News! (1970)

James Taylor to Tour

End of this show...introducing 'Folk on 1' show (1970)


The following clips are taken from the Radio 1 series  'All Our Yesterplays' 04.10.70.

Intro music from Duane Eddy

John says he was playing football

Was Hey, Doll Baby released as a single


NEW Scene & Heard Celebrates 5 years (1972)  



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Robin (MILTON KEYNES) says...
What was the theme music used on the Scene and Heard show?Caroline also used it for news bulletin outro.Any ideas?
6th December 2017 12:57pm
Alan (North London) says...
Didn't he do 'More from the Vaults' as lodged in mmy mind was him playing Russ Morgan's So Tired from '49 and that doesn't sound suitable for 'Seen and Heard' somehow.
4th December 2017 5:44pm
Tony Worrall (Dolgellau) says...
Johnny also did the voiceovers for Alan Freemans daily show 1972/3...including Youthclub call and get it off your chest!
19th April 2017 9:54pm
Robin Rushton (Milton keynes) says...
I agree.During the clip "End of this show....introducing Folk on 1 show 1970 what is the music playing.This was used by Caroline and I have sought it for years
25th January 2017 12:54pm
Gordon Wilson (Leeds) says...
Johnny Moran the forgotten man, brilliant DJ and interviewer, is he still alive?
24th October 2016 11:00pm
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