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  Dave Gregory



Promotional picture c.1970


"This shot with DLT was from the very first Radio One DJ race day at Brands Hatch in 1973 (which he instigated b.t.w). I've still got the overalls actually!"




Early Days


Starting out as a club DJ, Dave Gregory soon boarded Netherlands pirate Radio station Nordsee International (RNI) as a DJ in 1970. The station was short lived, however, but back on dry land, Dave wrote & voiced promotional trails for BBC Radio 1 & 2, and in 1971 was given his own series of programmes on Radio 1.


Radio 1 Days


Dave tells Radio  Rewind.. "I was actually at Radio 1 from 1971 to 1973 and apart from the Saturday shows, also produced/voiced Many trails for the network, including the station's 5th birthday "Write a song for Radio 1" promotion, Radio 1 club "Bulletin Board" etc. 


"I did at least three series of four Saturday shows, before going on to do the Breakfast show as I recall. I know I did more than most on that slot".


"Most notably starting March 19th 1972 I was given the daunting task (for someone so young and inexperienced) of hosting Tony Blackburn's Breakfast Show while he was busy getting hitched - and honeymooning his first wife, actress Tessa Wyatt ! ".


With fame thrust upon him, Dave suddenly found himself being asked to judge beauty contests, DJ at large Disco venues across the UK and working alongside famous people Richard O'Sullivan, Jimmy Savile, The Bee Gees and DLT.


"In fact I did a couple of holiday stints for Blakkers in all  - and strangely enough, can still do a better impression of him than anyone else I know! (check the audio sample on my web site if you don't believe me)".


Local Radio


1973 found David Gregory at ILR in Newcastle -upon - Tyne's Metro Radio, the start of seven years in the North of England; Tyneside, Teeside and lastly Yorkshire. With the launch of IBA's independent Essex Radio in 1981, Dave began a radical series of Soul & Dance shows. Broadcast originally from the studio and later live from popular venues, they reflected Essex and East London's appetite for funk music. The shows continued for most of the decade, but with a change in UK Radio style, Dave left Essex Radio and, following some work at London's popular urban pirate stations, became a record label promoter for a short while.


The early 1990's found Dave as the Creative Producer at London's Choice FM - before moving in 1994 to present at London's Jazz FM for four years.


Professional Voice Over


In 1997 Dave decided to abandon full-time presenting to become a professional voice over artist. You can find more details and hear the versatility of his voice at the website link found at the bottom of this page.




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