1978 selection with posters of presenters, T-shirts   emblazoned with 'The Happy Sound', mugs, baseball caps, car sun strips, stickers, coasters, books, pens... the model pictured is wearing a Radio 1 shoulder bag and even a 275/285 belt around her waist! (1978-1979).

This selection from 1984 includes bobble hats 2.50, can table lighter 2.50, cufflinks 3.95, beeny hats 1.50, bomber jacket 10.95, Roadshow sports bag 5.95 and BBC tray 3.95.

Cuff links, wall clock, lighter, pendant. (1986)

4 mug styles; Mike Read 'Tee Hee' mug, Roadshow mug, mini mug and standard Radio 1 mug with logo. (1986)

Badges; sew-on, mirror, road show and pin. Road show key ring. (1986)

Beeny hat, baseball cap and sun visor. (1986)


4 different self-adhesive bugs; air freshener (for hanging in your car-red or blue) Radio 1 fluffy bugs -stick on multicolour and headphone bugs. (1986)

'Steve Wright Show' sweatshirts. (1986)


Umbrella, bobble hat and scarf. (1986)


Three styles of Radio 1 sweatshirts. (1986)


School bag, beach bag and plastic carrier. (1986)


T shirts - v neck and roadshow crew neck. (1986)


Sponges (expand when wet) Sun visor strips and BBC tray. (1986)


Roadshow ball puzzle (can be used as a postcard and sent through the post to your friends) roadshow ballpoint pen, Neck pens, erasers and neck box (ideal for safekeeping money and small items when playing sport etc.) (1986)

Roadshow PVC stickers (2 sizes inc. 1 reversible) square stickers, roadshow metallic glitter stickers, Steve Wright stickers, roadshow diamond sticker and tax disc with Radio 1 design. (1986)

Bomber Jacket, sleeveless t-shirt and sports shirt. (1986)

Detailed view of Sheaffer pen & keyring

1987 D.J. calendar