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The membership system is temporarily suspended.

All sounds can currently be accessed without a password.































After you register you will be able to download the Radio Rewind Audio Clips.

Unlike other websites there is no charge ever for registering or downloading.


Lost Password





Please choose your own password.

Lost Password


Please note when clicking on the sound files and your browser

prompts you to log in (the Enter Network Password screen):

  • The email address you provide when registering will be your username when you log into the network.

  • Both username (email address) and your chosen password must be entered in exactly the same case as when you registered or they will not be accepted by the server.

  • For the first sound you download, you may have to log in twice - once to the Radio Rewind website and once to the Server Network. 

  • Please select 'remember my password' on the browser window to help you download the sounds next time.

  • If you have forgotten  your password, click here. You can complete your registered email address and you will promptly receive an email of your registered password.


Why Register


I regularly receive complaints with regards to our free sign-up feature for sounds.

I also am not happy to have installed this registration system, but I will explain the main reason why it is here.


 Radio Rewind resides on a server. Just like all other server host companies, the one I use charges a regular monthly fee but places an extra monthly charge for downloads over the agreed monthly limit (bandwidth). Sound files take up a great deal of bandwidth.


Therefore the username and password system has been implemented in an attempt to limit the level of downloads by users and therefore expenditure on keeping this website running. I hope you can understand the reasons for this free registration.



Alan Davies


What if I prefer not to register


The majority of the content at Radio Rewind is available to you however, to download MP3 files, we do need you to register.




Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1984, the information that you provide will not be passed on to any third party.




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